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Staffing and Buying a Franchise

When buying a franchise, regardless of which franchise concept you acquire, at some point you will want to hire additional help and delegate to others.  A good franchisor has a solid staffing model in place to help you plan how to do this and will provide assistance in your implementation.  When it comes to staffing and buying a franchise, here are some key questions you should ask: Key Questions to Ask About Staffing and Buying a Franchise Staffing Model -  Is the staffing model consistent with what is actually happening in the field with franchisees?  In other words, Read More →


Supplies and Buying a Franchise

When buying a franchise, keep in mind that almost every franchise concept involves some kind of required purchases to run the business such as equipment, cleaning products, uniforms, yogurt, drinks, etc. that are essential to the specific franchise model.  To maintain the quality of the services provided and brand consistency, most franchisors require those items to be purchased through preferred vendors.  Good franchisors use group buying leverage with those vendors to benefit their franchisees and themselves.  When it comes to supplies and buying a franchise, here are Read More →

Operations Support and Buying a Franchise

Operational Support

Continuing the series on fees versus the value received when buying a franchise, let's look at operations.  A franchise is a series of systems and processes that taken together form the basis of the business. When it comes to operations Read More →

Technology and Buying a Franchise


In this Blog series we are discussing the on-going fees you pay to a franchisor versus the value you get when buying a franchise.  To reiterate the key point:  When buying a franchise, you are buying a system for doing business.  Not all Read More →

Marketing Support and Buying a Franchise

Top Notch Support

As this is my first Blog post, let me introduce myself.  My name is Steve Cox.  I am a franchise owner with i9 Sports where I am also in charge of developing new franchises.  This Blog is intended to provide perspective on franchise Read More →