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Are You a Quitter?

Is it Time For You to Quit? You know the old saying – “quitters never win and winners never quit”. I’m sure you’ve heard it a time or two in your life. But, I’m here to tell you that sometimes quitters are the biggest winners! I recently came across an article on, “9 Reason to Quit Your Job As Soon As You Can” and instantly thought of franchising. I’m sure you’re thinking it’s an odd jump, but follow me. Most people enter into franchising once they have reached the point in their career or their life where they want more control over their future. Read More →

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9 Reasons A Youth Sports League Will Work in Your Area

Think there's not enough room for one more youth sports league in your community? You're wrong! When you first looked at i9 Sports you loved the idea of a youth sports franchise. Most likely you are currently involved with youth sports or have been at one time so you have an understanding of what happens. You are aware changes need to be made to offer better programs than those offered now. However, you fear that yet another youth sports program in your area won’t work.  Do not dismay! Here are 9 reasons it WILL work! There's no such thing as over-saturation! With Read More →