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i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Gives Everyone a Chance to Play

Few things thrill parents more than seeing their children succeed. Whether academically, athletically or socially, it feels good to see your kid get a win. Even if they aren’t victorious, moms and dads want their children to at least have an opportunity to compete. The leadership team at i9 Sports understands how these parents feel. We know it can be so disheartening to see your child “ride the bench,” waiting for playing time and getting passed over in favor of more athletic kids. To make sure every child gets the physical, mental and social benefits of in-game Read More →

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i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Offers a Better Option Than Other Leagues

The i9 Sports model was created to offer an alternative to disorganized and poorly run leagues. Many communities have parks and recreation departments that offer a range of recreational sports for residents of all ages, but these programs see frequent staff turnover and don’t have a solid foundation of teaching skills and sportsmanship. There are also hyper-competitive leagues that focus just on one sport. Often, these require a large investment of time and money, and these “training” style programs only expose children to one sport. They concentrate more on encouraging Read More →

Idaho Couple Enjoy Youth Sports Franchise

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When Toshia and Roger Lawless saw how much they and their children enjoyed their local i9 Sports program, they decided to become i9 Sports area developers and launch their own league. Of course, the transition to business ownership wasn’t Read More →

Stop Traveling for Work and Learn How to Start a Sports League


It’s another Sunday morning and you wake up to kids in pajamas, cartoons on TV and a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. It feels like heaven, but as you sit down at the counter and open up the newspaper, you get that sinking Read More →

Here’s Your Can’t-Miss Opportunity to Start a Kids Franchise

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If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take control of your life and your career, this is it. The leader in the youth sports franchise arena, i9 Sports, is seeking passionate individuals to take the lead and start a kids franchise Read More →

Leave the Office for Good and Start an i9 Sports Franchise


It’s 4:55. You’re at work, watching the clock. You know as soon as 5 p.m. hits, you need to dash out your office door to make it to your child’s soccer game. While you’re driving there, you check the address again—the game location Read More →

Franchises for Kids Let You Pair Profit with a Purpose

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Few people choose to work just for the love of working. Most people have a job because they need one to pay bills, buy groceries and enjoy the kind of life they want. Some people find a way to make money and support their families while Read More →

Put Your Leadership Skills to Use with This Easy Franchise to Start

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Maybe you’re the person who always volunteers to head up a work committee, or you’re the one your friends rely on to organize your annual family vacation. You’re a leader. You know it, and everyone around you knows it. Now it’s time to Read More →

i9 Sports Franchise Owners Set Their Own Schedules, Enjoy Thriving Businesses

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Franchisee Steve Cox discusses the rewards of i9 Sports franchise ownership After a decade with our company, i9 Sports franchisee Steve Cox can’t imagine doing anything else. He loves everything his i9 Sports franchise offers: work-life Read More →

i9 Sports Franchise Thrives in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Find out the secret behind franchise owner Roger Dequina’s success Roger Dequina’s i9 Sports franchise  is one of the most successful in the entire i9 Sports organization, growing from serving 160 kids on opening day in 2007 to having Read More →