As a premier customer service business, reviews from i9 Sports customers are vital in providing a top notch product – The i9 Sports Experience. We depend on continual customer feedback to ensure we know how satisfied families are with our service and what we can do to improve. The following i9 Sports reviews are actual ratings and comments from our customers*.

* i9 Sports uses a 3rd party research firm, Listen360, to send every customer in each season a simple online survey. Customers are asked to rate their satisfaction with the i9 Sports experience on a scale of 1-10 and provide specific comments about what they liked or didn’t like.  We use this information to assess satisfaction levels across sports, seasons, and locations.



Score: 10/10, Valerie V.

I love how i9 is 110% about the kids, and making sure they’re always having a fun time. Not only would I recommend this league to friends and family, but I even highly recommended it to a total stranger.

Score: 10/10, Harmony S.

The on-line access is fabulous, everything can be verified and communicated via web. Communication has been excellent, we are never left wondering.

Score: 10/10, Meredith F.

I think your customer service is excellent. I appreciate that if I leave a voice message with a question or a concern, someone gets back to me immediately. I also like how organized your organization is.

Score: 10/10, Layla H.

I love the philosophy of i9 Sports. The kids are provided an opportunity to play in a competitive yet “controlled” atmosphere. My son has played the last 8 seasons and has grown in confidence and skill.

Score: 8/10, Rachel F.

I think possibly making the soccer more than just one hour. It goes by so fast and my boys are really never ready to stop and go home, other than that nothing!

Score: 10/10, Michelle G.

I like that sportsmanship values are taught and rewarded each week and I appreciate that each player on the team has the opportunity to try out different positions throughout the season.

Score: 10/10, Liz R.

Three things stand out for me about i9 Sports and because of those things I’ve already recommended i9 to several friends. One, I really like having the practice and the game on the same day, back-to-back. Two, I really like it that i9 focuses on sportsmanship first. That’s a value lesson that all kids (and many adults) need to learn. And three, I appreciate the fact that i9 has competent, organized professionals running the program and that the parents aren’t asked to organize practices, sell raffle tickets, or work a concession stand. We love the program!

Score: 10/10, Wendy W.

As a working mother I appreciate the fact that my children can still be involved in an athletic activity that they enjoy without having to rush from work to practice every night of the week.

Score: 10/10, Chris R.

Everything. You guys are very well organized, informative, professional, supportive, centered around 100% child satisfaction, and fun to be around.

Score: 10/10, Marcus B.

After a year of T-ball, we made an easy transition to soccer this year. We just love the focus on the kids having fun, and the values they learn pertaining to sportsmanship. I think we have as much fun as the kids.

Score: 9/10, Vali M.

The entire process is designed for continuous engagement, learning and fun. A specially pleasant surprise was the “quality” or “virtue” of the week related to sports, helpfulness, respect, and listening, in just the right measure to set the tone for the day. Universal participation at all levels: Each kid gets to play several positions, parents can assist as they are capable and share their talents. My son really enjoys it.

Score: 10/10, Stacy S.

Structured and an environment that children can enjoy learning to play. Opposite of what you find in a lot of county sports programs.

Score: 10/10, Jose M.

We absolutely love that every child gets lots of playing time and the ability to play different positions. There’s nothing worse than shelling out $245+ for football at some park leagues then watching your child get 4 minutes of playing time per game.