You probably have a basic understanding of sports from your own childhood experiences or from your interest as a spectator. What you don’t already know is how to make money running youth sports programs as a business. That’s where we come in.

Our goal in the i9 Sports franchise training process is to teach you how to turn fun sports programs into a profitable way to earn a living.

We understand that you cannot possibly absorb everything in one training session. That’s why we have carefully crafted a year-long training program designed to give you the knowledge you need at the time closest to when you need it.

The i9 Sports franchisee training is divided into four distinct phases and includes a combination of face-to-face classroom training, webinars, and on-location training spread out over the first 12 months of start-up.

Our initial franchise training program is divided into 4 phases spanning 12 months

Your first phase of franchise training will begin with a comprehensive five-day classroom education at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida. While in i9 Sports University, you will receive face-to-face training from every department of the company on topics ranging from:

  • A session with our CEO, Brian Sanders, on why we have a customer-centric culture;
  • How to operate your franchise and league programs;
  • How to setup and manage your financials;
  • How to secure venues;
  • How to use our proprietary Franchise Manager system;
  • How to maintain your custom i9 Sports website;
  • Building your own 12-month strategic business plan;
  • Marketing best practices using the i9 Sports Winning Game Plan;
  • A territory segmentation analysis to help you know where to concentrate your marketing.

In subsequent phases of the i9 Sports franchisee training, you’ll learn how to prepare for and execute your opening day jamboree, how to set-up your fields and courts, how to communicate with customers, how to build team rosters and schedules, how to staff, how to optimize customer satisfaction, how to fine tune your marketing, and how to effectively expand your business.

If you’re looking for franchises with the best training, look no further than i9 Sports. Our comprehensive training program is designed to ensure your success on and off the field.