The 5-point i9 Sports® Experience is clearly visible to anyone who participates in our programs. What might not be as visible is one of our biggest competitive advantages – our i9 Sports franchise technology! We like to think of ourselves as a technology company masquerading as a youth sports provider.

i9 Sports has built the most advanced suite of
online league management tools available in the industry today

i9 sports franchise technologyUnlike anything else on the market, our state-of-the-art proprietary software enables our franchise owners to take registrations, build rosters, schedule games, and manage almost every facet of their leagues from a laptop. i9 Sports is a pioneer in league management technology and continues to develop cutting edge capabilities that make youth sports easier to operate. As one of the franchises with the best technology, we believe we give you the necessary tools for success.

To further benefit our franchisees, we’ve created a daily, step-by-step guide for managing an i9 Sports franchise with milestone markers to ensure you are on course to meet your goals. We call this online guide “Count Down to Game Time”. Without it, managing the complexity of multiple sports across multiple locations and delivering the i9 Sports Experience would be impossible.

i9 sports franchise technology

Beyond our cutting edge league management technology, each franchise owner has their own personal dashboard to track up-to-the-minute key performance metrics.i9 sports franchise technology

Personal Dashboard

Registration count, revenue, customer renewal rate, season marketing progress, and year-over-year growth are just a few of the key metrics available at a glance. We make it easy for our franchisees to see their progress and gauge how they are tracking against their goals.

Network Scorecard

We even provide a Network Scorecard so that franchisees can benchmark their performance against other franchises across the network. Having the ability to see who is leading the network in certain key areas like customer satisfaction or renewal rates makes it easy to share best practices and learn from other franchisees.

Mobile Site

Constantly seeking new ways to make the customer experience more convenient, i9 Sports leads the industry in mobile friendly web design.

i9 Sports Mobile AppRegardless of whether they use a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, customers can search for programs and register on the fly… wherever… whenever. Why not let moms register when it’s top of mind or check the game schedule while out running errands?

It may seem unlikely that a youth sports company would invest so much in technology, but we view it as the foundation of operational excellence for our franchise owners and as a key benefit for our customers.