While kids play in our leagues… mom is the primary i9 Sports customer!

Did you know that women are responsible for 85% of all consumer spending? When it comes to kids activities, it is typically mom who researches the options and makes the ultimate decision. Why? Because it usually falls on mom to get the kids to and from each activity.

Our Customers

In families with children, 58% of households have two working parents, which is an increase of 31% over the past decade. That means moms are increasingly time-starved and are looking for convenient solutions that can fit easily within their hectic family schedule. Connecting with this demographic is key for franchises that target moms.

The i9 Sports target customer is a  mom between the ages of 21-49, college educated, has a minimum household income of $60,000, and has at least one child between the ages of 3-14. They are computer savvy, enjoy an active lifestyle, and want the best for their children. They expect to pay a fair price, but don’t mind paying more for products or services that provide meaningful value.

Trust is a big factor in a mom’s buying decision. In fact, they list “referral from a trusted source” as their #1 factor in deciding what to purchase. i9 Sports customers are very active users of social media as a convenient way to give and get input from friends.

Proof? Our growing base of over 110,000 Facebook fans along with constant responses to our Twitter and other social media channels are a testament to the power of referrals!

Moms tell us they want three things from a youth sports program:


i9 Sports Familyi9 Sports customers want their kids to have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport and get exercise, but above all else, have fun doing it! Moms love i9 Sports because we ensure all kids get equal playing time and because we emphasize good sportsmanship over the score of the game. i9 Sports kids leave the game with a smile!

When it comes to fun, moms love the fact that we honor “buddy requests” which means we allow friends to join the same team. They love the fact that we provide age appropriate programming so practices and games are just right for different age groups. They love that i9 Sports teaches and celebrates a specific sportsmanship value each week.

Child safety is always a mom’s top concern. i9 Sports customers love the fact that we run a thorough background check on all league staff, coaches and volunteers. They love the fact that flag football offers all the fun of tackle football without the same risk of injury.

Moms love the fact that i9 Sports was the first national youth sports organization to institute a comprehensive concussion safety program.

Moms love the i9 Sports Parental Pledge, which has made the positive i9 Sports’ sideline culture the envy of the youth sports industry.

For today’s busy moms, convenience is a must! i9 Sports’ moms love the convenience of our one-day per week commitment, the fact that they can easily register online or by phone, and that they can count on our punctual game schedule.

As the number of children under age 17 is projected to grow to record levels over the next 10-15 years, the size of our target market will continue to grow, and so will the number of our i9 Sports raving fans!