If your community is like most, the local Parks and Recreation Department and the YMCA offer a range of recreational sports programs for the whole family. There are probably a handful of other organizations which focus on a single youth sport like baseball or soccer. Lastly, you probably have a smattering of leagues that pop-up and fold after a season or two.

So the natural question is: “If there are already well-entrenched organizations offering youth sports where I live, how would I be able to compete as a new i9 Sports® business owner?”

The answer is simple! You will offer something that no other organization in your community can offer: The combination of your passion as a business owner and the unparalleled i9 Sports Experience.

i9 sports business owner

Do a little experiment. Talk to parents in your community and ask them about their experience with the existing youth sports programs. Here is what they are likely to tell you. The existing programs are disorganized, hyper-competitive, highly political, inconsistent, and inconvenient. Multiple practices during the week plus games on the weekend are over-whelming and are not practical for households in which both parents work. They typically require fundraising and serving time as a volunteer in the “snack shack.” Kids are required to try out, aren’t rotated through positions, and don’t get much playing time unless they are star athletes. The programs are typically run by “staffers” who are not easy to reach and sometimes just don’t seem to care. Sounds like an opportunity doesn’t it?

Your community is ready for an alternative.

Parents love the i9 Sports® Experience for the complete organization, clear communication, and overall convenience. There is only one practice per week right before the game so participation in our programs fits easily within their family’s busy schedule. There are absolutely no fundraisers or mandatory volunteering.

Kids love the i9 Sports Experience because the focus is on fun versus the pressure to perform. They get quality instruction in skills and good sportsmanship in a safe supportive environment. We don’t have tryouts or drafts. Everyone gets to play regardless of skill level, and all our kids are given equal playing time.

Want a few more ways you will have a competitive edge?

  • Unlike the other sports programs in your community, you will be an i9 Sports business owner with a personal stake in the customer satisfaction and success of the programs offered. Which programs do you think will be better run?
  • As an i9 Sports business owner, you will be a specialist who offers specific sports programs targeted to a specific age group (ages 3-14) instead of trying to serve the entire family a catalog of recreational activities.
  • As an i9 Sports business owner, you will offer multiple sports, at multiple locations, year round, using the most comprehensive online league management technology available today… and i9 Sports is the only youth sports franchise opportunity that has it!
  • As an i9 Sports business owner, your customer registrations and inquiries will be handled by our Customer Service Center which ensures a level of service that other youth sports franchise opportunities simply cannot match.

In short, your community has a substantial need that only you can fulfill through i9 Sports.