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How Good Is Our Training and Support?

Training, technology and ongoing support help i9 Sports franchise owners earn a living

You probably have a basic understanding of sports from your own childhood experiences or from your interest as a spectator. What you don’t already know is how to make money running youth sports programs as a business. That’s where i9 Sports® comes in.

Our goal in the i9 Sports franchise training process is to teach you how to turn fun sports programs into a profitable way to earn a living.

i9 Sports training program is a year long, divided into four phases

We understand that you cannot possibly absorb everything in one training session. That’s why we have carefully crafted a year-long training program designed to give you the knowledge you need at the time closest to when you need it.

The i9 Sports franchisee training is divided into four distinct phases and includes a combination of face-to-face classroom training, webinars and on-location training spread out over the first 12 months of start-up.

Your first phase of franchise training will begin with a comprehensive five-day classroom education at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida. While attending i9 Sports University, you will receive face-to-face training from every department of the company on topics ranging from:

  • A session with our CEO, Brian Sanders, on why we have a customer-centric culture
  • How to operate your franchise and league programs
  • How to setup and manage your financials
  • How to secure venues
  • How to use our proprietary Franchise Manager system
  • How to maintain your custom i9 Sports website
  • Building your own 12-month strategic business plan
  • Marketing best practices using the i9 Sports Winning Game Plan
  • A territory segmentation analysis to help you know where to concentrate your marketing

In subsequent phases of the i9 Sports franchisee training, you’ll learn how to prepare for and execute your opening day jamboree, set-up your fields and courts, communicate with customers, build team rosters and schedules, staff your business, optimize customer satisfaction, fine tune your marketing and how effectively expand your business.

If you’re looking for franchises with the best training, look no further than i9 Sports. Our comprehensive training program is designed to ensure your success on and off the field.

i9 Sports proprietary technology offers franchisees a competitive advantage

The 5-point i9 Sports Experience is clearly visible to anyone who participates in our programs. What might not be as visible is one of our biggest competitive advantages – our i9 Sports franchise technology! We like to think of ourselves as a technology company masquerading as a youth sports provider.

i9 Sports has built the most advanced suite of online league management tools available in the industry today. Unlike anything else on the market, our state-of-the-art proprietary software enables our franchise owners to take registrations, build rosters, schedule games and manage almost every facet of their leagues from a laptop. i9 Sports is a pioneer in league management technology and continues to develop cutting edge capabilities that make youth sports easier to operate. As one of the franchises with the best technology, we believe we give you the necessary tools for success.

Count Down to Game Time

To further benefit our franchisees, we’ve created a daily, step-by-step guide for managing an i9 Sports franchise with milestone markers to ensure you are on course to meet your goals. We call this online guide “Count Down to Game Time.” Without it, managing the complexity of multiple sports across multiple locations and delivering the i9 Sports Experience would be impossible.

Beyond our cutting edge league management technology, each franchise owner has their own personal dashboard to track up-to-the-minute key performance metrics.

Personal Dashboard

Registration count, revenue, customer renewal rate, season marketing progress and year-over-year growth are just a few of the key metrics available at a glance. We make it easy for our franchisees to see their progress and gauge how they are tracking against their goals.

franchise Personal Dashboard
These images are for demonstration purposes only, they do not present actual results of any franchised unit. See our Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document for our financial performance representation.

Network Scorecard

We even provide a Network Scorecard so that franchisees can benchmark their performance against other franchises across the network. Having the ability to see who is leading the network in certain key areas like customer satisfaction or renewal rates makes it easy to share best practices and learn from other franchisees.

franchise infographic

Mobile Friendly

Constantly seeking new ways to make the customer experience more convenient, i9 Sports leads the industry in mobile friendly web design.

Regardless of whether they use a laptop, tablet or smart phone, customers can search for programs and register on the fly, wherever, whenever. Why not let moms register when it’s top of mind or check the game schedule while out running errands?

It may seem unlikely that a youth sports company would invest so much in technology, but we view it as the foundation of operational excellence for our franchise owners and as a key benefit for our customers.

i9 Sports gives franchise owners ongoing support

i9 Sports has never subscribed to the “one-and-done” approach to training and franchise support. From the moment you join the i9 Sports team, we will guide and support you step-by-step through our formula for success.

Comprehensive training is only part of our franchise support system. We provide you unlimited, ongoing support by assigning a personal i9 Sports Business Coach to be your mentor and coach for as long as you own your franchise!

Through regular calls with your Business Coach, you will learn operational short-cuts and best practices, set business goals, build short- and long-term plans, and model financial scenarios to see the impact of key business levers on your cash flow and future profits.

In addition to your Business Coach, you will also have access to our on-call Support Desk for immediate answers to quick “how to” questions. But the support doesn’t end there.

We maintain a robust network event calendar filled with:

  • Frequent webinars
  • A monthly nationwide “Huddle Call” with i9 Sports senior management
  • Regional and national conventions
  • Special educational, training, and networking events

Last year alone, we hosted 10 different network-wide webinars on subjects such as “Marketing Strategy,” “Listen 360 Best Practices” and “SEO/PPC.”

franchise trainingOur annual conventions provide excellent opportunities to hear what’s new, learn best practices from other i9 Sports franchisees and build lasting friendships across the network.

Our special training sessions have covered topics ranging from how to hire and manage the appropriate type of staff, to improving profit through financial benchmarking, to ways of increasing operational efficiency.

Not only do our franchise owners receive training and support from the home office, but they also receive generous input and assistance from each other.

Customer service center expertly handles calls for franchisees

Jen-GordonThe topic of our i9 Sports franchise support system wouldn’t be complete without mention of our Customer Service Center. As “CEO” of your own i9 Sports business, your time will be far too valuable to answer all the customer registration and inquiry calls you will receive.

To avoid the need for you to hire staff just to handle calls, we have built an expert team of customer service representatives to handle them for you.

Here are some of the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of our Customer Service Center (CSC):

  • Can handle multiple callers at a time, not just one
  • Eliminates missed calls and phone tag
  • Gets memberships and registrations on the spot
  • Has bilingual staff on the phones every shift
  • Frees you up to build your business, not be tied to the phone
  • Elevates the customer experience and makes you look good

Ultimately, the success of i9 Sports depends on the success of each of our franchise owners. By providing the comprehensive, on-going franchise support our franchise owners need to achieve their goals, everyone wins!

Join our winning team by becoming an i9 Sports franchisee

At i9 Sports, we are committed to helping our franchise owners run successful businesses. If you’re interested in joining us, request a copy of our free Franchise Report, How the Business Works. We’ll follow up with you soon.