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The i9 Sports Culture

We are in the business of youth sports and focused on a superior customer experience

At i9 Sports®, we take a much different approach to kids’ sports than our competitors.

Other kids franchises claim to be passionate about players and good sports instruction, yet their programs are more about adults. We don’t consider ourselves a recreational youth sports organization – instead, we are in the business of youth sports.

Graphic shows concentric circles illustrating what i9Sports does (providing sports leagues), how i9 does it (by teaching kids that having fun and how you play the game are more important than the score, and by providing the business system to deliver an extraordinary experience), and why i9 does it (in order to help kids succeed in life through the lessons they learn playing sports).

This gives us a distinct advantage. As a business, we have the ability to ensure the customer experience is well-defined and can be replicated successfully and predictably. A focus on customer experience sets us apart.

Providing a superior experience is fundamental to our business model because it is the thing that truly sets us apart. Parents pay a premium to put their kids in i9 Sports programs. Our success hinges on providing an extraordinary customer experience that exceeds the value of what parents pay.

The key aspects of i9 Sports brand culture

The i9 Sports brand culture is comprised of 5 key elements: Our Mission, Vision, Key Success Behaviors, The i9 Sports Experience and our Commitment to Operational Excellence.

Our Brand Mission

To help kids succeed in life through sports.

Our Brand Vision

i9 Sports will become the undisputed leader in recreational youth activities worldwide by delivering a superior and extraordinary customer experience. The brand offers an unparalleled business system to replicate success predictably and profitably. We will use and improve this platform to create the world’s largest business network offering recreational youth activities for boys and girls under the age of 18.

Our Key Success Behaviors

We believe the following behaviors are critical for success at i9 Sports:

  • Customer Obsession – A fixation with service; putting the customer first and then thinking backwards.
  • Contagious Enthusiasm – We love what we do. Heartfelt passion and positive energy are infectious. We want to infect as many people as possible.
  • Unflinching Ownership – Acting as if you own the organization: Thinking beyond the task to what is trying to be achieved, proactively doing what needs to be done, never being shy about doing the right thing
  • Anticipation and Simplification – Success is the accumulation of little things done well consistently. The success of our system hinges on our ability to think ahead, find added value and create the easiest way to get extraordinary results repeatedly.
  • Raving Fan Celebration – Raving fans create other raving fans. By celebrating even the smallest of wins, we inspire each other and amplify our team’s impact on all those touched by our brand.

Steve Aibel i9 Sports franchisee with his child
The i9 Sports Experience

  • Complete organization and communication
  • Convenience
  • A safe, supportive environment
  • Instruction in skills and good sportsmanship
  • Focus on fun

Commitment to Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the way we do what we do. We constantly work to be brilliant at the basics. Doing little things well consistently yields a predictable experience that builds trust and brand loyalty.

Join the i9 Sports culture as a franchise owner

At i9 Sports, our culture is truly unique, especially among the typical players in the youth sports industry. Our kids franchise business model enables regular people to deliver an extraordinary experience thereby enriching the lives of children, families, communities, our franchise owners, and employees. To explore franchising with us, request a copy of our free Franchise Report, How the Business Works.