How to Grow Your i9 Sports Franchise

How will you get new customers?

Our goal is to help each of our franchise owners build as big and as profitable a business as possible. Like any business, effective franchise marketing is the key!

Marketing at i9 Sports® is not a “smoke and mirrors” mystical art; it’s a carefully mapped science that leads to registrations. After years of trial and error, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to franchise marketing strategies.

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To make it easy for our franchise owners, we have compiled our most successful franchise marketing strategies into what we call the “Winning Game Plan,” which is a step-by-step blue print filled with cost effective ways to reach target customers through local businesses, schools, community events and online marketing. We’ll teach you how to market, when to market and how to measure the results.

As a premier customer service brand, the i9 Sports marketing approach always begins with the customer’s point of view. Whose? Mom’s!

Because we have a very accurate profile of the i9 Sports mom, your franchise local marketing plan will begin with a proprietary market analysis that applies our customer profile against your territory ZIP Codes. The analysis gives you an immediate edge by showing you exactly where the highest concentrations of i9 Sports target moms live within your territory.

Armed with the knowledge of where to market, i9 Sports then provides you the business model with all the resources and tools you need to aggressively market your business locally.

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Through our web portal, you can access i9 Sports branded templates that can be customized for your flyers, postcards, emails, presentations, banners, business cards, stationery and more.

On top of the local marketing executed by each franchise owner, the i9 Sports National Brand Fund is used to amplify awareness of our brand across the nation and in your community. Our National Brand Fund gives tremendous marketing leverage you could never afford as a single business operator:

  • SEO and SEM: Our search engine optimization and pay-per-click efforts helped drive over 2.3 million visits to our franchisee’s websites last year alone.
  • Social Media: With over 123,000 fans, our Facebook page is one of the biggest referral sources driving visits to our franchisees’ websites. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest only add to the daily engagement we have with our customers!
  • Public Relations: Our PR firm has secured placements across all major media outlets including TV, radio, print and online vehicles resulting in millions of impressions last year!
  • Targeted Email Campaigns: Through our national contract with Constant Contact, you have the templates and tools to customize and target your email communications.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers drive referrals! Through a national service, we provide both the system to measure how satisfied your customers are AND the way for them to refer your program to others.

i9 sports flyer - customer reviewThe result of all this aggressive marketing is to make the phone ring. One of the most effective marketing tools you will have as an i9 Sports franchise owner is our Customer Service Center. Our team of highly trained customer service representatives will take all of your calls for you, which frees you up to run the business. The goal of our bi-lingual staff is to convert every inquiry into a registration. In addition, we are able to provide this incredible benefit to our franchisees at a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone locally.

Once a family participates in your program, creating raving fans and building customer loyalty is what it’s all about. Our i9 Sports franchise owners run great programs, and word of mouth advertising quickly becomes one of our best drivers of new customers.

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