i9 Sports program locationsIn most business models, you look for the location most convenient to your target customers and then buy or build a facility. As a business owner, that’s a very expensive gamble! Aside from the overhead costs, you are tied to one location that may not be where your best customers will be 5 years from now.

In contrast, i9 Sports franchise owners do not buy any real estate or build any facilities. Our proven model for i9 Sports venue selection offers maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness for each franchisee by allowing them to go where their best customers are, secure locations that fit the growing size of their leagues over time, limit over-head costs when they are not in season, and operate at multiple locations.

So Where Will Your i9 Sports Program Locations be?

i9 MapWhen you buy an i9 Sports franchise, you will receive exclusive rights to a protected territory. Your territory will be configured based on the number of kids (i.e., population) under age 14 in that area and the territory’s ability to support multiple i9 Sports program locations.

Based on years of data, we have a very accurate profile of the i9 Sports customer. Using a proprietary market analysis that applies our customer profile against your zip codes, we will show you exactly where the highest concentrations of i9 Sports target customers live in your territory. The i9 Sports venue selection process makes it easy to identify the best places to secure your venues.

Through our formal training and the support of your i9 Sports business coach, you will learn our time-tested method to secure contracts at existing playing locations nearest the key concentrations of your i9 Sports target customers. Our successful approach has enabled our franchisees to host games at prime outdoor and indoor venues all over the United States.

As the old saying goes, “Location is everything.” The beauty of our model is that you’re not tied to just one!