How Much Money Can I Make?

i9 Sports® franchise owners make money primarily through the registration fees paid by participants.

A Low Cost Franchise With High Profit Potential

A combination of repeat business and word-of-mouth growth, alongside local marketing efforts, is one of the key reasons i9 Sports® is a low cost-franchise with high profit potential.

Franchise owners make money primarily through the registration fees paid by participants to play in our leagues, camps, clinics, and after-school programs. Our franchise owners build market share and a loyal following by offering multiple sports, at multiple locations, four seasons a year. Players often stay with i9 Sports for years, playing multiple sports and inviting friends to join the leagues.

Revenue also comes from local sponsor advertisements, concessions, merchandise, and partnership fees.

Profitability is ultimately determined by the way a franchisee runs the business. Your franchise earning potential is dependent on your efforts. An i9 Sports franchise provides all of the tools necessary for each franchisee to thrive. Results are largely determined by how aggressively you market, how many sports and venues you offer each season, and the quality of the programs you provide.


i9 Sports Revenue Figures

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