Who Is Our Competition?

If your community is like most, there may already be a lot of youth sports offerings: the local Parks and Recreation Department, the YMCA, competitive travel leagues, single-sport organizations and maybe more.

How Will I Compete as an i9 Sports® Franchise Business Owner?

If your community is like most, there may already be a lot of youth sports offerings: the local Parks and Recreation Department, the YMCA, competitive travel leagues, single-sport organizations and maybe more.
So it’s natural to ask, “What sets i9 Sports® apart? How can I build a strong business against all that competition?”
The answer is simple. i9 Sports® franchisees fill an important niche in the market by offering parents a more convenient option and a superior customer experience compared to park district and travel leagues. We offer kids a mix of instruction, healthy competition and fun. i9 Sports® owners treat their customers with the care and attention they deserve, and that helps us stand out and grab market share.
Community programs are often run by staffers who have little stake or interest in the experience provided. This can lead to problems like disorganization, inconsistency from week to week and a lack of timely communication.
Hypercompetitive teams and leagues play favorites and place kids on the bench. They schedule practices and games multiple times throughout the week, at different venues throughout town, making it difficult for parents to juggle their kids’ schedules or make travel arrangements.
With i9 Sports®, the focus is on making both the kids and parents happy. Everything you’ll do as a franchise owner is centered around making the experience more fun and convenient, which satisfies customers and drives revenue.

 Local Rec Leaguesi9 SportsClub Teams
Who PlaysTryouts and drafts may be required; left up to coachNo tryouts or drafts. Equal playing time. Rotate positionsTryouts and drafts; only the best get to play
Level of CompetitionVariesHealthy competitionHyper-competitive
CultureNo cohesive cultureFocus on fun, instruction and sportsmanshipHigh-pressure; focus on winning
ConvenienceInconvenient; multiple practices, shifting scheduleHighly convenient; once-a-week, game day practiceInconvenient; multiple practices and games in the same week
SafetySafety protocols varyNational leader in youth sports safetyScore over safety
Fees and FundraisingLow initial fee; plus fundraising, uniform and concession dutyOne upfront fee; no fundraisers or concession dutyHigh initial fee plus fundraising and tournament fees

Your Community Is Ready for an Alternative

Parents love the i9 Sports® Experience for the complete organization, clear communication and overall convenience. There is only one practice per week right before the game so participation in our programs fits easily within their family’s busy schedule. There are absolutely no fundraisers or mandatory volunteering. Kids love the i9 Sports® Experience because the focus is on fun versus the pressure to perform. They get age-appropriate instruction in skills and good sportsmanship in a safe supportive environment. We don’t have tryouts or drafts. Everyone gets to play regardless of skill level, and all our kids are given equal playing time.

Want a Few More Ways You Will Have a Competitive Edge?

Unlike the other sports programs in your community, you will be an i9 Sports® business owner with a personal stake in the customer satisfaction and success of the programs offered. Which programs do you think will be better run?

  • —  As an i9 Sports® franchise business owner, you will offer the most popular sports targeted to a specific age group (ages 3-14). Rather than look at soccer franchise opportunities or considering a swimming franchise, choose i9 Sports® to access a broader customer base.
  • —  You will offer multiple sports, at multiple locations, year-round, using the most comprehensive online league management technology available today — and i9 Sports® is the only youth sports franchise opportunity that has it.
  • —  Your customer registrations and inquiries will be handled by our Customer Service Center, which ensures a level of service that other youth sports franchise opportunities can’t match.