Why i9 Sports® is One of the Best Franchises for Veterans

i9 Sports Helps Veterans Become Entrepreneurs

Veterans are a unique group of people, with teamwork experience, discipline, and leadership skills. Veterans are also self-starters who aren’t afraid to work hard and get things done.

For all these reasons, veterans make excellent franchisees and business owners. They’re committed to their businesses, they understand the value of hard work, and they know what it takes to be successful.

Owning an i9 Sports® business is one of the easiest transitions that people who are retiring from the military can make, and there are several reasons we think we’re one of the best franchises for veterans.

Reasons Why i9 Sports is Great for Veterans

1. Our lower start-up costs make it more accessible than most franchises.
i9 Sports is a great option for people who want to open their own businesses but don’t already have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved. Our start-up costs begin under $40,000.

2. Our business model is scalable so you can make a good income.
A franchisee may start small, but as they gain experience, their business grows. The i9 Sports business model is scalable, with low overhead and a lot of repeat business.

3. People like supporting veterans.
Veterans perform a valuable and necessary service for our country, and people want to support them when they have an opportunity. In addition, veterans are known for their discipline, reliability, and leadership, and parents value these traits even more when they are looking for youth sports leagues for their kids.

4. You can use your leadership skills to mentor kids in youth sports.
i9 Sports is a great opportunity for people who are passionate about leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship. i9 Sports offers the chance to become a mentor and role model for kids who play sports. The business model makes it a great career; but the mission of helping kids brings its own rewards.

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