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Franchisee Reviews

i9 Sports franchise reviews

These i9 Sports® franchise reviews with actual owners offer a look at the benefits of joining thei9 Sports team.

What is the best part about owning an i9 Sports franchise?

i9 sports franchisee reviews Roger DequinaA: The opportunity to work with kids, which I’m very passionate about. Since I come from an education background and had a lot of experience with sports, being able to combine the two is something I always dreamed about. I enjoy combining my passion for kids and my passion for sports. – Roger Dequina, Hawaii

A: My decision to purchase my i9 Sports franchise has been a dream come true, not only for me, but for my family as well. I was seeking an opportunity that would allow me to work in the industry I loved — sports — but still provide for my family. With i9 Sports I am pursuing my passion and my wife can focus on raising our three daughters. – Brian Samilian, Florida

A:   The opportunity to spend time with family while building a business I am truly passionate about. When searching for a business it was imperative to find something that allowed me the freedom to have quality time with my wife and daughter, not just see them for a few hours a day. With i9 Sports, I’m able to take my daughter to school every day, pick her up at the end of her day, and help her with homework – all while building a legacy for my family. – Steve Cox, Ohio

A: i9 Sports provides me a comfortable lifestyle to support my family while providing me the freedom and flexibility to schedule my work day around their schedules, – i.e. volunteer at school, help with homework or just play after school. – Craig Magram, Georgia

Why do parents sign up for your programs versus others in your area?

A: First time customers are drawn to the convenience of our leagues and the desire to try something new. Customers return because of the organization of our leagues and the once a week commitment. – Roger Linn, New Mexico

A: i9 Sports fills a need. It’s the perfect fit for the single parent, the dual-working parents, basically any parent who values family time together over athletic prowess. Although at i9 Sports we are a sports league and we believe athletics is so important, we do realize the bigger picture and our goal is helping kids succeed in life through sports. So, for parents who want sports for their children but don’t want it to overtake their lifestyles, i9 Sports is the perfect solution. – Greg Weinbrum, Florida

What support have you received from the home office that has made a big difference in your results?

i9 sports franchisee reviews Chris Novak and FamilyA: The support and technology provided to me by the home office are unparalleled. Franchise Manager helps me manage every aspect of my business and I truly couldn’t operate without it. The roster builder and schedule builder are so intuitive that I can now build my schedules for my entire season in minutes versus hours. Having the technology to support the backend of my business frees me up so I can focus on the growth and future of my business and spend more time with my family. – Chris Novak, Michigan

A: The support received from the home office has been amazing! Throughout our five years of running our franchise, we have seen tremendous growth of the brand locally and nationally. With continued system improvements and ongoing training for franchise owners and staff, we know this trend will continue. – Margie DeMolina, Florida

A: When we first started the franchise, my franchise coach and I did a lot of planning on how to build the leagues, discussed ideas of what types of programs to run, and he gave me ideas. Now that we are more at the mature stage, our discussions are more financial and big picture. My coach works with me to look at our income and expense, finding ways that we can squeeze costs and build additional programming. What’s the plan and strategy? Can we expand our locations? Where are our customers coming from? What are the demographics? What ZIP Codes are doing better than others? How can we expand? – Craig Magram, Georgia

How have the i9 Sports marketing tools helped your business grow and get results?

A: Being in the network now five years, I can honestly say that there is no way that I would have been able to grow as fast as I’ve grown without the tools that i9 Sports provided from a marketing perspective. It really gave me a game plan that I could go out and execute, and then add and subtract what I liked and what I didn’t like for my particular area. – Justin Cannon, Texas

I am worried about securing venues, is this a difficult task?

A: Venues are not going to be an issue if you really work hard at it and do your research and focus. What I’ve found is that venue owners want to work with us. Once they learn about i9 Sports, they learn what we’re all about – our commitment to safety, having fun and keeping things low key without being overly competitive – they really fall in love with the concept just like we did and just like parents do when they register their kids. The truth is we’ve had a lot of venue owners that have called us asking “Hey, have you thought about hosting an i9 Sports program here?” So we’ve had a lot of success and venues have never really been an issue for us in our territory. – Brian Samilian, Florida

i9 sports franchisee reviews nisley croppedA: Securing venues is a legitimate worry. It is difficult sometimes but I can tell you in the 3 or 4 years that we’ve done this we’ve never started a season without a venue and I’ve never heard of anyone not starting [with a venue]. It’s all about making relationships and just getting out there and making it happen. Anyone can do it, you just have to go create relationships and keep up with it. – Tom & Micah Nisley, Texas

Did you meet or exceed your expectations for the first year in the business?

i9 sports franchisee review Roger JamieLinnA: I have exceeded my expectations for the first year and hope to continue to do so year after year. i9 Sports has provided a sound business system that gave me the ability to quickly build my business and a platform to grow it season after season. I set high goals for myself to achieve success and following the model they have provided has worked well for us. – Roger Linn, New Mexico

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