Where Will My Games Be Played?

i9 Sports® franchise owners do not buy any real estate or build any facilities


In most business models, you look for the location most convenient to your target customers and then lease, buy or build a facility. With an i9 Sports® franchise, however, you don’t have to make that expensive gamble or tie yourself to one spot.
Our home-based model means you don’t need expensive office or storefront real estate, just agreements with the venues where the sports will be played. That offers you maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness by allowing you to go where your best customers are, secure locations that fit the growing size of your leagues and develop multiple league locations within your protected territory. That enables you to scale your business greatly within a single territory.


So Where Will Your i9 Sports® Franchise Be?

Franchisees receive exclusive rights to a protected territory. Your territory will be configured based on the number of kids (i.e., population) under the age of 14 in that area and the territory’s ability to support multiple program locations.
Based on years of data, we have a very accurate profile of the i9 Sports® customer. Using a proprietary market analysis that applies our customer profile against your zip codes, we will show you exactly where the highest concentrations of target customers live in your territory. The venue selection process makes it easy to identify the best places to secure your venues, and your i9 Sports® business coach will share our training and best practices for securing contracts for both indoor and outdoor venues.