Where Will My Games Be Played?

We Help You Find and Secure Great Venues.


You'll Lease Local Venues

As you build your i9 Sports® business, one obvious question is where the games will be played. The answer is that you’ll lease existing venues in your community.

We offer football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse because — in addition to these sports being popular for kids — there are a wealth of venues already capable of hosting leagues.


How We Identify the Best Places for Your Leagues

When you decide to start an i9 Sports franchise, one of the first things we’ll do is perform a proprietary market analysis. We’ll compare our ideal customer profile against your nearby ZIP codes to determine which areas have the right demographics to support multiple sports leagues. Once a prime territory is identified, you’ll be granted exclusive rights to offer programs anywhere within that territory.

We’ll work with you to identify potential venues that are centrally located for a large population of youth players. Your personal Business Coach will share our time-tested methods for securing contracts with playing locations. Whether you need indoor or outdoor venues — or both — i9 Sports provides the data, context, and connection-building skills to help you secure venues.

In addition to a high concentration of potential players, we also look for locations that are safe, comfortable, and reliable places for families to gather and play.

Flexibility and Cost-Savings

As your business grows, it is simple to add additional venues. Unlike many other franchise opportunities, you won’t need to open a new office or build a new store. You’ll just need to rent another venue to accommodate your growth.

And if one venue becomes problematic — perhaps because of neighborhood changes or nearby road construction — you can simply move to a new venue. Your business is not fixed to any single location within your territory. You have a lot of freedom.