How Large is the Industry?

Youth sports leagues serve 60 million children annually. Yet many kids are still left out or chased away because sports stop being fun. Your business can help fix that.

Size of the Youth Sports Industry

Youth sports is a huge business, with more than 60 million participants annually in the United States, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health, and it generates billions of dollars in revenue. Families spent an average of $693 per child on youth sports in 2019, according to a survey by The Aspen Institute and Utah State University’s Families in Sport Lab.

Regardless of the economy, sports are among the few things with evergreen popularity with children and teenagers. The chance to hang out with friends, to be active, and to have fun has universal appeal and serves a core need in the community.

Because parents view youth sports as a necessity rather than a luxury, our model has performed well in both challenging and healthy economic conditions. Because kids tend to come back year after year and play multiple sports, franchise owners have strong opportunities for recurring revenue.

A Ton of Room for You to Grow

As successful as i9 Sports® has been, we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible. Most of our franchisees today have less than a 2.5% share of the potential children signed up in their market.

i9 Sports® President and CEO Brian Sanders says, “When you realize how many children there are in each market and how much perpetual demand there is for youth sports, the opportunity is exponential. Not only do we have a massive opportunity to increase our share within existing territories by providing a better customer experience, but we also have a huge opportunity to expand our footprint by continuing to extend into more locations. In the United States, I believe we will easily triple the size of our system.”


See if Your Territory is Available

While there’s this inexhaustible supply of customers to serve, the territories we have available are limited. We sell protected territories; that means that once all the territories are sold within a market, we cannot sell more. We’re rapidly filling in the available territories across the country, so if you’re passionate about sports, love working with kids and want to own a great business, there couldn’t be a better time to jump in.