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Initial Investment and Startup Costs

What are my franchise startup costs?

Low-cost franchises are — and will always be —in great demand. i9 Sports® offers a low-cost franchise opportunities with high return on investment potential for someone with a strong desire to succeed.

To make starting an i9 Sports franchise especially affordable, we offer a five-year franchise agreement in which you only need to pay a territory fee of $15,000 upfront. In this agreement we allow you to spread the $24,900 franchise fee over five years in $500 a month payments.

For those who aren’t ready to pay the entire fee upfront, it’s a great way to launch the business and access our proven business model and support. We also offer a 10-year franchise agreement where the franchise fee and territory fee would be paid upfront for a total of cost of $39,900 to i9 Sports.

In addition to these upfront costs for the five-year and ten-year terms we offer, there are other costs that you would pay as you open your business. For instance, there are marketing, equipment, inventory, insurance, training expenses, etc.

The following costs are excerpted from the i9 Sports Franchise Disclosure Document Item 7 and are estimated.

i9 Sports franchise start up costs

Type of ExpenditureAmount (Low)Amount (High)
Franchise Fee
Territory Fee
Grand Opening Advertising
Legal & Accounting Services
Furniture, Equipment, Inventory, and Supplies
Training Expenses
Additional Funds - 3 Months

A standout among low cost franchise opportunities

Today, buying a franchise appears to be a choice between paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a franchise from a well established brand or paying much less for a young, unproven franchise concept. Luckily an i9 Sports franchise offers the best of both: an established concept and a low initial investment. An i9 Sports franchise owner’s initial investment and franchise startup costs will range from a low of $36,500 to $69,900. It is important to consider that these figures do not include funds that a franchise owner will need for living expenses while starting the business.

Low-cost purchase option

Our five-year agreement purchase option is ideal for those looking to lower the upfront investment and preserve cash while starting their business.

This approach offers the key advantages of:

  • Streamlining and accelerating the financial approval process.

  • Enabling franchisees to put less money down upfront, reducing their total startup costs to as little as $36,500, detailed in our Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • Providing franchisees more financial flexibility in the crucial start-up period.

The program makes our affordable startup costs even more achievable for potential franchise owners.

An image of an i9 Sports coach talking with a young t-ball player. A blue text box reads "An i9 Sports franchisee's initial investment ranges from $36,500 to $69,900."

Why is our initial investment so low?

Three key reasons:

  1. No real estate purchase is required;
  2. No major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required;
  3. We’re an established franchise system with a formula that works. We understand that if we keep our fees low, our franchise owners can invest in growth and thereby achieve their goals faster.

If you are looking for low cost franchise opportunities that come with high emotional reward and the ability to create a better work/life balance, an i9 Sports franchise may be the perfect fit for you. Request a copy of our free Franchise Report, How the Business Works, and we’ll follow up with more information soon.


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