Can I Make Money Doing This?

Can I Make Money Doing This?

One of the most common questions I am asked is “Can I make money doing this?” It’s a good question. It’s an important question. You’re going into a franchise business and, as such, expect mostprofitablebiztostart0212-0313something in return other than a good feeling at the end of the day.

This idea of making money in youth sports seems to be foreign to most people. As such, it would probably shock you to know how the profit margin of a typical i9 Sports franchisee compares to that of the most profitable business sectors in the nation!

In a recent article, “The Most Profitable Businesses to Start”, Forbes Magazine cited Oil & Gas Extraction, Legal Services and Outpatient Care Centers as being some of the most profitable private company industry sectors with profit margins ranging from 16.5% to 24.1%.

Want to see how profitable the typical i9 Sports franchise is? I’d love to share the data with you! Contact me and I’ll gladly share all our financial data from the latest i9 Sports Franchise Disclosure Document. Yes, you CAN make money in youth sports!

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