There are Four Types of Entrepreneur — What’s Yours?

There are Four Types of Entrepreneur — What’s Yours?

Take our short quiz to learn which of the four types of entrepreneur describes you

When you’re planning to open a business, it’s important to take time to think about your strengths and weaknesses. This step will help you determine where your skills will be most valuable and where you might need help.

This quiz can help you understand your entrepreneurial style and how it aligns with the opportunities and challenges of running an i9 Sports® franchise.


1. When faced with a challenge, your first step is to:
A) Look for tried and true solutions.
B) Brainstorm creative options.
C) Consult with others for a collaborative solution.
D) Take a calculated risk based on past experiences.

2. Your approach to team management is best described as:
A) Leading by example and modeling high standards.
B) Encouraging creativity and individual strengths.
C) Building a sense of mutual support.
D) Focusing on strategy and efficiency.

3. In making business decisions, you prioritize:
A) Stability and long-term growth.
B) Innovation and uniqueness.
C) Community impact and relationships.
D) Quick wins and scalability.

4. Your ideal work environment involves:
A) Structured schedules and clear objectives.
B) Flexible roles and open-ended projects.
C) Team gatherings and community events.
D) Competitive settings and performance metrics.

5. What motivates you to succeed?
A) Achieving personal and business milestones.
B) Creating something new.
C) Making a positive difference in people’s lives.
D) Overcoming challenges and proving your capabilities.

6. How do you handle competition?
A) By sticking to your proven methods and improving them.
B) By innovating and staying ahead of trends.
C) By building strong community ties and loyalty.
D) By analyzing competitors and strategically outmaneuvering them.

7. What aspect of running a youth sports franchise excites you the most?
A) Building a lasting and respected business.
B) Offering unique and engaging sports programs.
C) Fostering a strong, supportive community.
D) Maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Results: Types of entrepreneur

Mostly A’s: Guardian
You value stability, proven methods, and high standards. Your leadership would thrive in creating a structured youth sports environment where everyone on your team sticks to a well-defined role and strives for excellence.

Mostly B’s: Innovator
Always ahead of the curve, you’re excited by new ideas and pushing boundaries. Your franchise would be known for its creative programs and approach to youth sports.

Mostly C’s: Community Builder
For you, it’s all about the people. Your franchise would have a welcoming, inclusive environment where kids and parents feel like part of something bigger.

Mostly D’s: Strategist
With a keen eye for opportunities and efficiency, you approach your business with a competitive spirit and a focus on growth and performance. Your operational savvy ensures your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Business coach

All types of entrepreneur can thrive at i9 Sports. In fact, a big part of our franchise recruitment process involves learning your strengths and weaknesses so your dedicated Business Coach knows where you may need help as you start and grow your business. 

We work with you and provide the resources that you need to run successful youth sports programs. If you have an interest in youth sports, i9 Sports will be a great fit for you.

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