The Golden State Holds Golden Opportunity

The Golden State Holds Golden Opportunity

Why California?

If you live in, or have been to, California then you already know – the Golden State loves their sports! Sports of every genre rev up the heart rate of Californians and get their blood pumping. Go to any youth sports game, or college game (I’m talking to you USC), check out an Angels game, or visit Candlestick Park and you’ll see what I mean. Therefore, it should be no surprise to you that i9 Sports is seeking aggressive growth in California. With a stronghold in a few markets (San Diego, Los Angeles), we are excited about the growth in new markets as well as continued expansion in markets where we have a presence.

As you read this, you might have thought to yourself, “If sports are already established here why would anyone play in MY leagues?” This is a fantastic question! Thank you for asking! Since you’ve asked, I’ll tell you why.

  1. Ideal weather. There’s a reason California is a top vacation spot, the weather! In fact, if you Wikipedia it you will see the weather is compared to that of the Mediterranean. How’s that for a pretty good comparison? With average temperatures ranging from 40s – 80s, low humidity, and mild winters, this is an outdoor enthusiast’s perfect playground!
  2. They love their sports! Yes, I said it once but it is worth repeating. California is ripe with strong markets heavily attracted to youth sports of all variety. They love their football, soccer, and baseball – coincidentally enough, those are a few of the sports we offer. Go ahead and chew on that for a minute, I’ll wait.

    Why California is optimal for i9 Sports!
    Why California is optimal for i9 Sports!
  3. Parents want better for their kids. Californians love their sports, we know that. But they are becoming tired and frustrated with leagues that are disorganized and are ready for something better – although they don’t know what that is. So, let’s show them! Let’s provide these parents with the alternative, a youth sports business that focuses on the customer – crazy, huh?
  4. There are few kids in California. Why yes, I am being facetious here. In fact, there are more than a “few” kids, there are over 7 million kids under the age of 14. Yep, you read that right. That is 2.5 times the entire population of Kansas. You know what that means? HUGE POTENTIAL
  5. Places to play. The beauty of our model is that you’re not buying a facility or field, no no, instead you’re using what’s already there. In California, this opportunity is a bit more abundant than in other parts of the country. So the next time you drive by that church with the big field in the back go ahead and picture your i9 Sports leagues there. The little kid running that touchdown into the end zone, the moms jumping and cheering for their kids, and the dads running happily in their coaches’ shirts. Yep, that could be you!

I implore you; let’s talk again about why anyone would play in YOUR leagues!

Dream Big California!


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