i9 Sports Owner Creates a Legacy of Community, Character, and Connection

i9 Sports Owner Creates a Legacy of Community, Character, and Connection

Running a i9 Sports business is a “team effort,” owner says

i9 Sports® owners Jose Perez and his wife Isaura Nunez broke the record for the most registrations for a newly launched league when they opened their first i9 Sports territory in East San Diego in April 2022. 

This achievement underscored the community’s demand for well-organized youth sports programs. Beyond flag football, their business now offers soccer, T-ball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and a multi-sport program for children ages 3 through 6.

Building on their success, they’ve started a second i9 Sports business in West San Diego.

“My wife and I love everything about i9 Sports — the culture, the community involvement, building up our staff and coaches. It couldn’t have been a better decision for our family to invest in this company and help it grow. Our quality of life is definitely a lot better since we started.”

Discovering i9 Sports

Jose discovered i9 Sports when looking for a flag football league for his son. Jose noticed that the i9 Sports league was run extremely well. What set it apart was its exceptional organization and communication, qualities that resonated with Jose, an Army veteran.

More than just a game

Jose’s favorite thing about the impact i9 Sports has on kids is seeing the development of their character. He says that seeing kids grow mentally, physically, and socially is just amazing.

The Home Office is always supportive, always in a good mood, ready to make things happen, he says. He adds that the Home Office goes out of their way to help their business. 

Following the i9 Sports formula makes running the business easier, he says. His business coaches helped him a lot with what he calls “the crazy ideas I had” in his first year of the business.

A family united by sports

Jose spoke to his family before making the commitment to be an i9 Sports owner, and they were supportive. “We’re football heads,” he explains. “My wife and I have 3 boys (Jose, 18; Isael, 11; Hendrix, 3). We’re just naturally always on the field.”

Their oldest son works with them as a football coordinator, and the family’s venture into i9 Sports involves their extended family, too, including nephews, nieces, and cousins. “There’s so much to do that two people can’t do it, especially running two franchises now,” Jose says. “It’s definitely a team effort.”

Beyond the weekend

Jose has two venues in his first territory. He plans to launch a second venue in his second territory this spring. He says that by spring, they will have four full programs: two on Saturday and two on Sunday. In addition, they offer Wednesday programs for athlete development.

Caring for your community

Jose says he thinks that i9 Sports has had a major impact in his community. 

“Our level of care, our level of professionalism and organization is above the rest — not to put anyone else down. We have great communication, and the parents see it,” he says.

Jose says that he and his wife try to show families that they care — and that their children will get to play in league games and be taken care of.

Advice for i9 Sports owners

Jose and Isaura were already deeply connected in the community, and running their i9 Sports businesses has made those connections even deeper.

“If you’re hardworking and you love your community, we welcome you,” Jose says. “Being good to your staff and your team will take you a long way.”

Learn more

i9 Sports is the first and largest youth sports league business in the U.S. Our owners offer youth sports leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls ages 3 to 14 in today’s most popular sports.

To learn more about our youth sports leagues and the i9 Sports business model, download our free ebook.

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