i9 Sports sits picture perfect in Tallahassee

i9 Sports sits picture perfect in Tallahassee

After a year of being the official photography company for picture day at the Gainesville i9 Sports franchise location, Chris and Christy Prowant decided it was time to get in on the fun and join the i9 Sports franchise family!Chris and Christy Prowant and Ory Pitts

Chris, a Florida native, has a wide portfolio of experience from program director to school coordinator to business owner of a lawn service and photography business.  Chris owns the latter with his wife Christy and it’s this business that introduced them to i9 Sports. Aside from her involvement in the photography business, Christy is also a neonatal intensive care nurse in Florida.

After some research into i9 Sports franchising opportunities, Chris knew it was a perfect fit for him and his family.

“I really love that i9 Sports represents a good, fun, safe structure for kids to learn.  I like the fact that all kids get the opportunity to play.  I like the structure of the franchise.  The support that the i9 Sports franchise offers is amazing.”

Chris and Christy decided to embark on a new adventure by opening an i9 Sports franchise in Tallahassee, Florida.

To round-out this dynamic duo and help provide the i9 Sports Experience in their new city to kids ages 3-14, they brought in Ory Pitts as a partner. Chris and Ory have a shared passion for working with kids in sports and have worked together in an after-school program for the last three years..

The team has hit the ground running right out of training.  Currently they are focused on registering kids for their winter opener. They will offer flag football, soccer and t-ball to start and will add basketball in the spring.

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