Revolutionizing Franchise Marketing for i9 Sports: The Power of Automation

Revolutionizing Franchise Marketing for i9 Sports: The Power of Automation

Marketing automation for i9 Sports owners

Digital marketing is a huge challenge for small business owners. It’s essential for building a strong local marketing presence — but it’s also complicated, ever-evolving, and can be a time-consuming distraction from other business operations.

That’s why i9 Sports® — and other franchisors — put a lot of effort and investment into simplifying digital marketing for franchisees, while also maintaining brand standards to amplify the impact of franchisees’ collective efforts. The goal is to maximize impact while minimizing time commitment.

Enhancing advertising campaigns

i9 Sports tackled these challenges head-on by deploying Eulerity and artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning. These technologies enable more efficient campaign management and empower franchisees to make informed marketing decisions, tailored to their local markets.

Eulerity is a digital marketing software that uses advanced AI to simplify online advertising. The platform, designed for ease of use, helps businesses create and manage online ads more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Essentially, Eulerity automates complex advertising tasks, allowing even those with minimal digital expertise to run sophisticated ad campaigns. This makes it an ideal tool for small businesses to enhance their online presence without needing deep technical knowledge or large advertising budgets.

Empowering our business owners

A notable achievement of i9 Sports’ marketing automation and the introduction of Eulerity is the dramatic increase in franchisee participation in local digital marketing. This leap from minimal engagement to overwhelming participation has been a game-changer. 

Franchisees now have access to tools and strategies that were previously only available to large-scale operations, thanks to AI’s ability to make sophisticated marketing accessible and affordable.

Brandy Zickefoose, the Vice President of Marketing for i9 Sports, emphasized the critical role of AI and marketing automation in a recent interview with the International Franchise Association (IFA).

“We quickly went from having around 10% of our franchisees investing in local digital marketing to over 75% investing. This is astounding because it’s making their local marketing so much more effective and efficient and allows them to be in more places than they ever could with just grassroots marketing.”

Commitment to innovation

i9 Sports’ success with marketing automation is just the beginning. The future looks bright as the brand continues to innovate, integrating more AI and automation tools. These advancements promise to bring even more efficiency and effectiveness to their marketing strategies, keeping i9 Sports at the forefront of the franchising industry.

All this demonstrates the limitless potential of the brand and its ability to drive growth. As a franchisee, this is your opportunity to be part of a forward-thinking, technology-embracing community. Learn more from our free ebook.

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