Learn from the Experts at the i9 Sports Franchise Convention — and Enjoy the Florida Beaches

Learn from the Experts at the i9 Sports Franchise Convention — and Enjoy the Florida Beaches

If you’re serious about the i9 Sports opportunity, now is a great time to contact us.

At the i9 Sports® home office, we’re gearing up for our 2023 Franchise Convention, which is from July 17 to 19. We’re excited to have franchisees come to Tampa to enjoy the convention and the benefits it offers.

Summer is a great time at i9 Sports. If you’re serious about becoming an i9 Sports owner, reach out now.


Among our other activities, the convention will have two keynote speakers: Frank Fiume, founder of i9 Sports, and Asia Mape, founder of the site ilovetowatchyouplay.com, a youth sports platform dedicated to helping parents raise happy, healthy, and successful athletes.

Asia (seen in the photo above with her daughters) is singularly qualified to speak to i9 Sports owners. She played basketball in high school, earning a college scholarship after winning a state championship, and played for Coastal Carolina College. She graduated from the University of Michigan.

Today, she has three daughters who, among them, have played club soccer, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, and water polo. She says that much of the last 12 years have been spent supporting her daughters’ activities and taking them to practices daily, then to tournaments and games on the weekends. 

Her website has had 4.3 million unique visitors since its launch. In addition, Asia is an Emmy Award–winning journalist and sports television producer who has worked for Fox Sports, ESPN, TNT, NFL Network, and NBC Sports. 

Youth Sports the Way They Should Be

In her keynote at the franchise convention, Asia hopes to share what she’s learned from her own experiences as well as the expertise she’s gained from interviewing hundreds of experts, authors, coaches, and professional athletes. She hopes to shed light on the parent experience and bridge the gap between parents and league owners.

“What i9 Sports does is really so well-aligned with my site. I really love the motto of trying to get youth sports back to the way they should be. I think we’ve gone really, really far away from that,” Asia says.

“There’s so much pressure around kids today. There’s more emphasis just on success. Gone are the days where you just do stuff for fun,” she says.

“I hope to help franchisees understand what motivates parents, where the pain points are, and how to communicate better with us. If we want to make a change, if we are hoping to get sports back to the way they should be, we all need to do it together.”

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