What Does Your First Impression Say About You?

What Does Your First Impression Say About You?

First Impressions

In life and in business, first impressions make or break the deal. Call it unfair, unjust, or just plain wrong but it’s true. When you initially meet a person that first impression stays with you and molds your impression of them as a person. Were they funny? Were they smart? Did they greet you with warmth or were they cold to you? All of this will shape your relationship with the person going forward. On a first date this initial meeting can determine if there will be a second date. In business, it can determine if you get the job, the loan, or the franchise.

As a Franchise Development Manager, part of my job is to make that great first impression. I want you to hear how excited I am about our model and the impact we’re making in youth sports. I want you to feel my genuine interest in you and what you are hoping to accomplish with afirst impression change like this. I want you to know that I truly do want to get to know you better should we decide to move forward. This is my first impression.

On the flip side of that I want to hear enthusiasm and speculation from you. If you are awoken by my call at our scheduled time to meet, my first impression is that you are not prepared for this call and what does that say about your further preparations. If you do not answer during our scheduled time and send me an email 30 minutes later saying that you “were busy”, my first impression is that you are not serious. However, if you are excited to learn more, show that you are prepared for this meeting, and genuinely interested I will leave feeling excited and interested in you as a potential franchisee.

Remember, when you are searching for franchises, this is a two-way street. It is your job to ask the questions and complete your due diligence to ensure the business you are interested in meets your needs. It is my job to ask the questions and complete my due diligence to ensure you are the right candidate to add to my network of stellar franchisees. This first impression is important for us both!

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