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first impression

What Does Your First Impression Say About You?

First Impressions In life and in business, first impressions make or break the deal. Call it unfair, unjust, or just plain wrong but it’s true. When you initially meet a person that first impression stays with you and molds your impression of them as a person. Were they funny? Were they smart? Did they greet you with warmth or were they cold to you? All of this will shape your relationship with the person going forward. On a first date this initial meeting can determine if there will be a second date. In business, it can determine if you get the job, the loan, or the Read More →

Draft Day

It’s Draft Day

Draft Day in the Franchising World Today is Draft Day – It’s practically a National pastime, and I think to most die-hard NFL fans, it is. Twitter is all abuzz with the predictions of who’s going to which team. What round will this person get picked up? What if this person doesn't get drafted until a later round, what does that mean for his career? There is a lot of research and statistical data behind each prediction – and I’ll tell you what, it’s fascinating! In franchising, we have our own “Draft Day”. Usually, this part of the process follows after you've attended a Read More →

Baseball and Starting a Franchise

Babe Ruth

Striking Similarities Between Baseball and Starting a Franchise In my house, Spring starts a new season full of hope and excitement – baseball season! Growing up in Michigan I spent many sunny days at Tiger Stadium – the original Tiger Read More →