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i9 Sports Helps You Find the Best Location for Your Youth Sports Business Plan

It’s one of the first questions anyone considering opening a business asks himself or herself: Where will I find customers? No matter what kind of business you start, it’s paramount to understand how to connect with a population that wants to purchase your product or service. At i9 Sports, we already know there are children and families all over the country looking for youth sports leagues just like ours — accessible, convenient and fun. For investors who take advantage of our low-cost franchise opportunity, we will help you set up a territory that will provide the most Read More →

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Advance Your Youth Sports Business Plan With Our Proprietary Technology

One of the fundamental worries people have when considering a franchise investment is whether they will actually be able to do the work it takes to manage the business. Many potential investors are held back due to a profound fear of balancing and organizing operations, scheduling staff, managing finances and communicating with customers. At i9 Sports, we have created a suite of technology tools that enable our franchisees to run their businesses with ease. Our proprietary software provides the foundation for our franchisees’ growth — the kind that led our franchisees to Read More →

Ex-NFL Wide Receiver Finds New Calling With Children’s Franchise Opportunity

Marcus Thigpen, former NFL wide-receiver, starts his own youth sports franchise with i9 Sports

Sure, Marcus Thigpen misses playing in the NFL. Being able to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans and proud family members, and sharing close camaraderie with teammates are irreplaceable experiences he’ll never forget. After Read More →

i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Gives Everyone a Chance to Play

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Few things thrill parents more than seeing their children succeed. Whether academically, athletically or socially, it feels good to see your kid get a win. Even if they aren’t victorious, moms and dads want their children to at least have Read More →

i9 Sports Children’s Franchise Opportunity Offers a Better Option Than Other Leagues

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The i9 Sports model was created to offer an alternative to disorganized and poorly run leagues. Many communities have parks and recreation departments that offer a range of recreational sports for residents of all ages, but these programs Read More →

Idaho Couple Enjoy Youth Sports Franchise

i9 Sports toshia lawless

When Toshia and Roger Lawless saw how much they and their children enjoyed their local i9 Sports program, they decided to become i9 Sports area developers and launch their own league. Of course, the transition to business ownership wasn’t Read More →

Stop Traveling for Work and Learn How to Start a Sports League


It’s another Sunday morning and you wake up to kids in pajamas, cartoons on TV and a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. It feels like heaven, but as you sit down at the counter and open up the newspaper, you get that sinking Read More →

Youth Sports League Becomes a Family Business


When Chris Novak decided to change his life in 2008 and become an i9 Sports franchise owner, he had no idea how much starting a youth sports league would bring him closer to his extended family. After eight years of business, Chris now Read More →

Here’s Your Can’t-Miss Opportunity to Start a Kids Franchise

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If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take control of your life and your career, this is it. The leader in the youth sports franchise arena, i9 Sports, is seeking passionate individuals to take the lead and start a kids franchise Read More →

Leave the Office for Good and Start an i9 Sports Franchise


It’s 4:55. You’re at work, watching the clock. You know as soon as 5 p.m. hits, you need to dash out your office door to make it to your child’s soccer game. While you’re driving there, you check the address again—the game location Read More →