5 Reasons Why You CAN Make a Living in Youth Sports

i9 Sports helps franchise owners succeed and support themselves and their families

Ken and Kenny Jr. TragerFor sports-minded entrepreneurs who are seeking a rewarding career, i9 Sports is the team to join. We have a proven formula for operating a successful business that’s in tremendous demand. More importantly, it works.

Many franchise candidates understand kids and sports, but they may be skeptical that they can make a living operating a youth sports franchise.

Our franchise owners, however, are living their dreams — making a living and supporting their families while giving back to their communities and doing work they love.

Here are five reasons you CAN make a living owning and operating an i9 Sports franchise.

1. i9 Sports offers multiple revenue streams with year-round opportunity for income.

In the nation’s crowded landscape of typical youth sports recreational leagues, i9 Sports stands out from the competition by offering not one or two — but four — sports for boys and girls ages 3-14. We offer flag football, soccer, basketball and baseball. i9 Sports is the only youth sports league that equips its franchise owners to offer multiple sports, at multiple locations, each season of the year.

“There isn’t another sports league out there that offers what we do the way we do it,” i9 Sports President and CEO Brian Sanders said. “This creates an amazing opportunity for an entrepreneur who is passionate about building a local business that makes an indelible impression on the lives of kids. When our franchise owners get up in the morning, they know they can earn a living by making a positive impact on the lives of kids.”

2. The youth sports market is huge, with a never-ending supply of 3-year-olds each year.

The youth sports market is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry encompassing 42 million children annually. Every year, a new bunch of kids turns 3, and thousands of them want to play in a sports league that emphasizes fun, teaches sportsmanship values and is convenient for busy families.

As successful as i9 Sports has been, we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible. Most of our franchisees today have less than a 2.5% share of the potential children signed up in their market.

Brian says, “When you realize how many children there are in each market and how much perpetual demand there is for youth sports, the opportunity is exponential. Not only do we have a massive opportunity to increase our share within existing territories by providing a better customer experience, but we also have a huge opportunity to expand our footprint by continuing to extend into more locations. In the United States, I believe we will easily triple the size of our system.”

3. We equip franchise owners for success with a year-long training program.

You probably have a basic understanding of sports from your own childhood experiences or from your interest as a spectator. What you don’t already know is how to make money running youth sports programs as a business. That’s where we come in.

Our goal in the i9 Sports franchise training process is to teach you how to turn fun sports programs into a profitable way to earn a living.

We have carefully crafted a year-long training program designed to give you the knowledge you need at the time closest to when you need it.

The i9 Sports franchisee training is divided into four distinct phases and includes a combination of face-to-face classroom training, webinars and on-location training spread over the first 12 months of start-up.

4. Unlimited, ongoing support helps your i9 Sports franchise grow.

For as long as you own your franchise, we provide you a personal Business Coach. Through regular calls with your Business Coach, you will learn operational best practices, set business goals, build short- and long-term plans, and model financial scenarios to see the impact of key business levers on your cash flow and future profits.

In addition to your Business Coach, you will also have access to our on-call Support Desk for immediate answers to quick “how to” questions. And the support doesn’t end there.

We offer webinars, conventions and other educational, training and networking events on an ongoing basis.

5. Our proprietary software makes managing your i9 Sports franchise easier.

Unlike anything else on the market, our state-of-the-art proprietary software enables our franchise owners to take registrations, build rosters, schedule games and manage almost every facet of their leagues from a laptop. i9 Sports is a pioneer in league management technology and continues to develop cutting-edge capabilities that make youth sports easier to operate. As one of the franchises with the best technology, we believe we give you the necessary tools for success.

“The technology that the company offers us is constantly updated and is second to none,” i9 Sports franchise owner Jason Watson says. “i9 Sports’ proprietary software program called Franchise Manager saves us so much time and makes running the business a lot easier. All of the tasks we need to do for the business are handled by Franchise Manager. It helps us create rosters and schedules, send emails and see stats. From the dashboard, you can see everything about your business at a glance. It’s an incredibly helpful tool.”

To further benefit our franchisees, we’ve created a daily, step-by-step guide for managing an i9 Sports franchise with milestone markers to ensure you are on course to meet your goals. We call this online guide “Countdown to Game Time.” Without it, managing the complexity of multiple sports across multiple locations and delivering the i9 Sports Experience would be impossible.

It may seem unlikely that a youth sports company would invest so much in technology, but we view it as the foundation of operational excellence for our franchise owners and as a key benefit for our customers.

i9 Sports is the country’s premier youth sports franchise

i9 Sports is the nation’s first and largest youth sports league franchise that offers flag football, soccer, basketball and baseball to children between the ages of 3 and 14. i9 Sports provides a youth sports experience unlike any other by teaching the importance of good sportsmanship on the field and in life.

With convenient, flexible hours that translate into an enviable work/life balance, and no real estate or large upfront inventory requirements, i9 Sports is a compelling low-investment franchise opportunity with an attractive profit potential. Our long-term vision is to become the undisputed leader in recreational youth activities worldwide by delivering a superior and extraordinary customer experience.

Learn more about the i9 Sports franchise

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