6 reasons a franchise is better than going it on your own

6 reasons a franchise is better than going it on your own

6 reasons a franchise is better than going it on your own
by Kelly Mangum

Getting out of your current job situation is enticing, and the idea of being your own boss is exciting. But you may be asking yourself “what am I good at? Good enough to make start a business on my own?” Many prospective franchise owners spend years upon years in the ‘ranks’ of someone else’s company and become unsure of what they are outstanding at. The good news is if you are a good business person, with exceptional drive and dedication to follow a franchise systems guidelines you may have already figured out the way to be your own boss. Franchise ownership. If you haven’t considered it seriously yet you should.

What’s so great about owning a franchise versus starting your own business on your own?


  1. Proven Demand – when you buy a franchise you are never the first location so figuring if your product or service is desirable to customers is something you don’t have to worry about.
  2. Established Systems and Processes – When you become part of a franchise system you don’t have to be the guinea pig that tests out new systems and processes. Basic operations are established, tried and true by the time you join.
  3. You are Part of Franchise Family – Signing on with a franchise company means you enter into a partnership with a company that wants to see you succeed.
  4. Wealth of Knowledge – Training, advertising and support is part of the deal – Joining a franchise system means you will have support in the areas you need to be successful. Many franchises have initial training, ongoing support, and some provide one time specialized support in specifically challenging decisions…for instance, real estate selection….location, location, location.
  5. Brand Awareness Beyond You – Franchise ownership has power in numbers. Your fellow owners in different locations help you (and you help them), to make your brand and offering stronger, more trusted and more of an easy decision for customers to buy from you.
  6. Time to Market – Franchise ownership can offer you a quicker road to living your dream of business ownership. Without the bumps and bruises of going it alone.

If you are ready to be your own boss now, and you like the idea of being part of a powerful network of owners, it’s probably time to consider franchise ownership!

Kelly Mangum
Kelly Mangum



Kelly Mangum is the Director of Marketing at Franchise Solutions and Franchise.com. Experienced at lead generation and project management. Mama of 2, wife, runner, triathlete, gardener, living just outside of Portsmouth, NH. 

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