Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

i9 Sports Celebrates 10th Birthday

Think back to your tenth birthday, how excited were you to turn “double digits”? Do you remember that feeling of excitement over this milestone?  The exuberance you felt then is what we’re feeling right now as we celebrate our tenth birthday!  It’s amazing to think back to 2003 and the changes and innovations that transpired.

  • Apple launched iTunes selling 10 million songs within 4 months;
  • The Terminator,  aka Arnold Swarzenegger, was elected Governor of California;
  • The Department of Homeland Security officially began;
  • And i9 Sports launched its first franchise location!

In just ten years, i9 Sports has become the fastest growing youth sports franchise in the country with hundreds of locations nationwide. The business is thriving and is anticipating unprecedented growth in the coming year.

The teamAs growth in the number of i9 Sports locations accelerates, i9 Sports expects to open 33 new locations in 2014, nearly doubling the growth rate from 2013.

What is driving this growth is our philosophy and culture. “i9 Sports is completely different from other youth leagues because it emphasizes fun, good sportsmanship, and safe play over the win-at-all-cost mentality that still dominates youth sports culture,” says founder, Frank Fiume. “The self-esteem of our nation’s children is at risk due to the pressures of youth sports brought on by parents and coaches expecting to develop future pro draft picks. We are thrilled to know we’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of so many youth athletes in our first ten years and can’t wait to continue re-defining the youth sports experience moving forward.”

For more information about how you can become part of our next ten years, download our Free Report to get started!

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