9 Reasons A Youth Sports League Will Work in Your Area

9 Reasons A Youth Sports League Will Work in Your Area

Think there’s not enough room for one more youth sports league in your community? You’re wrong!

When you first looked at i9 Sports you loved the idea of a youth sports franchise. Most likely you are currently involved with youth sports or have been at one time so you have an understanding of what happens. You are aware changes need to be made to offer better programs than those offered now. However, you fear that yet another youth sports program in your area won’t work.  Do not dismay! Here are 9 reasons it WILL work!

  1. There’s no such thing as over-saturation!
    With over 42 million kids a year playing sports there is no such thing as over-saturation!i9 Sports is currently in over 500 communities from New York to Hawaii. We have locations in cold climates and temperate climates alike. We have locations in major cities and in the suburbs and have learned that every market has room for another sports program – and, more importantly, wants one!
  2. Parents want better.Parents want a better experience for their kids and for themselves. The youth sports industry has gone stale. Over-worked, under-paid and disengaged league commissioners, or worse yet, committees, are running tired programs at a time when today’s dual income parents demand a different kind of experience for their kids.i9 Sports franchisees operate a business that provides youth sports and treats it as such. Because this is a business and not just a hobby you are offering a better experience from beginning to end.
  3. Kids want to have fun!The #1 reason kids play sports is to have fun! We all know this, yet a lot of leagues still miss this concept. Instead of providing an atmosphere that allows for good sportsmanship while learning the sport, leagues are putting pressure on kids and not allowing for a positive experience to come through.

    i9 Sports focuses on FUN and good sportsmanship. There are no drafts and no tryouts; everyone gets equal play time while having the opportunity to play each position. Our mission is simple – we are here to help kids succeed in life through sports!

  4. New neighborhoods = need for more programs.In most areas across the country there are signs of families spreading into planned communities. They are seeking the community feel away from the big cities. With this growth increases the demand for more youth sports programs.i9 Sports has proprietary software that shows exactly where these planned communities are and can track the projected growth. This allows our franchisees to target very specifically to these areas so they can meet that demand.
  5. Baby boom.pop trendsIn addition to the 42 million kids who currently play organized youth sports each year, the U.S. census projects the absolute number of children under age 17 will continue
    growing to record levels for the next 15-20 years.

    Talk about your built-in demand and growth! i9 Sports franchisees enjoy providing to an ever-growing market!

  6. Well-run programs succeed.Parents want a league that will meet the needs of their family and exceed their expectations. Good customer service is important and they seek out companies that will provide this exceptional service. More importantly, once they find these good programs they will tell their friends and family about it!

    i9 Sports franchisees strive to provide a superior customer experience that results in return customers and word-of-mouth referrals!

  7. Start ‘em young – keep ‘em longer!If you looked at the leagues in your area what you’re most likely to find is that programs typically start around ages 5 or 6. Most leagues focus on the school-aged children leaving very little for the preschoolers and toddlers.i9 Sports programs begin at age 3 and offer age-appropriate sports designed for the youth in our leagues. This allows you the opportunity to be their first introduction into youth sports, thus keeping them in your programs as they grow!
  8. Multiple sports offered.In your opinion how often does a three year old that starts playing soccer focus solely on soccer for the rest of their youth? I don’t have the specific numbers but my guess is that it’s probably not that often. Yet, the youth sports programs in your area only offer one sport. They have blinders on to the sport they specialize in and lose the potential of gaining customers across a wide sports spectrum.However, i9 Sports franchisees have the benefit of offering multiple sports at the same location. This allows them to keep Johnny in their leagues when he decides he wants to be a football player next season and a baseball player over the summer. Now you can meet the need as quickly as they change their minds!
  9. It’s all about mom!Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you, if you don’t know your customer you’re wasting your money! That is absolutely true! Most leagues focus on dad or the kid and they miss the opportunity to speak to, and meet the needs of, mom. She is the ultimate decision maker so stop spinning your wheels and go for the big guns!As an i9 Sports franchisee you have the backing of a franchise model that not only understands mom is our customer, but knows how to communicate with her and meet her needs.

So, when you really think about it – there are still plenty of opportunities for youth sports growth in your community. Embrace it and get going!


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