A different way to play

A different way to play

People looking to start a youth sports business in an uncertain time will do things differently 

Kids in black shorts and blue i9 Sports jerseys practice their skills at socially-distant T-ball stations backed by netting.
Who’s ready to get kids back on the playing fields again? i9 Sports is prepared to lead the way.

If you were looking to start a youth sports business at the beginning of the year, you might have put that search on pause when the pandemic hit. But now that the nation is adapting and people are trying to return to their lives, everyone is wondering what the new normal will look like.

At i9 Sports, we believe that getting children back onto the playing field is essential.

We are leading the way by adjusting to the needs of individual communities as they reopen while adhering to national safety protocols. No matter what things look like in the future, we are adapting and innovating to support our franchise owners.

New ways to play

After months of uncertainty, many of our leagues returned to play in mid-July; others are planning to start play again in late summer or early fall. Franchisees are already changing the makeup of team play, too:

  • Small-sided games: These games consist of smaller teams of 3×3 or 4×4 on a modified field/court size.
  • Sport-specific instructional: Players rotate through sport-specific skill and drill stations with their coach.
  • Athlete development: This program is all “of the ball” so there is minimal equipment sharing. Players will focus on fundamental movements, strength and coordination.
  • Back-to-school programming: From half-day camps to virtual activity breaks, these program offerings provide families with new programming formats to fit the new school structure communities are facing.
  • Virtual programming: These programs are based on physical literacy drills to get kids moving off the field or court, keeping them active at home.

 Regardless of the format of play, i9 Sports is prepared with a two-tiered safety protocol system.  The first tier offers brand-wide safety measures implemented at all franchise locations nationally, while the second tier allows for franchise owners to add safety measures at a local level to ensure they adhere to all their state and local requirements. 

A familiar brand leads the way

Maybe it seems like an odd time to start a youth sports business. But the reality is, kids need sports. Our communities need healthier ways to play. While the pandemic may put a stop to some school and municipal sports programs, as a private brand, i9 Sports is there to pick up the slack. Just as i9 Sports once pioneered a better way to teach competitive sports to our children, we’re ready to pick up the mantle again and say, “Play ball.”

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