i9 Sports is One of the Best Franchises to Own

i9 Sports is One of the Best Franchises to Own

i9 Sports’s Ranking as a Top Home-Based Franchise Confirms Why it’s One of the Best Franchises to Own

Entrepreneur.com recently released its list of 2023 Top Home-Based Franchises, with i9 Sports® at No. 74. This ranking once again demonstrates i9 Sports’ position as a leading franchise opportunity.

“We are honored to be recognized as a franchise that stands out,” says CEO Brian Sanders. “i9 Sports strives to offer a better experience for both customers and franchisees. Starting a business takes hard work and dedication, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. We work hard to make the opportunity accessible for anyone who shares our mission.”

Why i9 Sports is One of the Best Franchises to Own

There are several factors that set i9 Sports apart and make it an attractive prospect for new or experienced business owners.

Low startup costs and overhead

Our startup costs begin at $36,500. Labor costs are low, because most of the people who will help you run leagues are either part-time or volunteers. Real estate costs are low because you use existing facilities in your community (we show you how to find and secure these locations).

Recurring revenue

Our youth sports leagues feature year-round revenue thanks to year-round play. Our franchise owners build a loyal following by offering multiple sports, at multiple locations, four seasons a year. We offer flag football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and tennis leagues. A child who starts by playing one sport with us often will enroll in additional sports.


We have a same-day practice and play schedule. Unlike most other leagues, i9 Sports doesn’t schedule multiple practices and games during a week — we practice, then play together once a week. This convenience makes it easy for busy parents to enroll their kids in sports leagues.

Proprietary software

Our innovative technology is a major competitive advantage for i9 Sports — and the extent of our capabilities impresses serious franchise candidates when they visit us. At the heart of our tech is our proprietary software. It makes it easier for you to master our business model, train your staff, empower your volunteer coaches, and deliver an incredible customer experience.

Ability to scale

i9 Sports owners also benefit from a scalable business model that involves very few fixed costs. Most of your expenses are only incurred once you’ve already launched a new league and collected money. This reduces risk, and means you don’t need to build a nest egg or take out a new business loan every time you want to expand your business.

Join of the Best Franchises to Own

Being recognized as a Top Home-Based Franchise by Entrepreneur.com is a proof of the quality and success of i9 Sports. With its low startup costs, recurring revenue, and the ability to scale your business, i9 Sports presents an exciting opportunity. Join us in becoming part of a thriving industry and a trusted brand by downloading our free ebook now.

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