i9 Sports Convention Offers Advice and Relationships to Power Your Growth

i9 Sports Convention Offers Advice and Relationships to Power Your Growth

Why a Newer i9 Sports Owner is Excited for His Second Franchise Convention

Everyone knows that one of the best reasons to own a franchise is because you’re starting out with a proven and built-out business model. What’s often unappreciated is that in addition to the support you receive from the home office, there is a huge benefit to being part of a network of entrepreneurs who are all running the same type of business. 

For new business owners, the community of fellow franchisees can be just as valuable as the business model. The i9 Sports® annual franchise convention in Tampa, Florida, is a wonderful opportunity for networking and learning. You’ll quickly establish relationships with mentors and peers who will offer advice and camaraderie as you’re building your business.

Those who join i9 Sports in early 2023 can attend the franchise convention and enjoy its benefits.

  • Keynotes with industry experts and organization leaders. 
  • Panels and roundtables with franchisees sharing best practices and ideas.
  • Breakout sessions covering marketing, operations, business management, and customer experience. 
  • Networking and fun to build relationships, network, and share ideas.

An owner’s perspective: Convention Q&A

Eric Stephens and his wife Nieshia have been i9 Sports franchisees for about a year, and we asked Eric about the value he got from the 2022 convention.

What did you think about the franchise convention?

Nieshia and I thought the convention was amazing. It knocked our socks off. I felt like I worked for a Fortune 500 company – that was how I was treated. Every area developer, even the brand-new ones, was treated the same as the millionaire club. That’s thanks to the home office.

They really put it together well. It was a great location, great venue, great atmosphere. Everyone was so positive and extremely willing to talk and answer my questions. Some of them gave me their email address so we could follow up.

Nieshia and I came back and made major changes to our daily operations. They’ve had an immediate impact on our success and our bottom line. The changes came from advice I got from other area developers at the convention.

Can you give an example of a change you made thanks to advice from a franchisee?

Yes. In our spring season, we had everyone practice at the same time, then play at the same time. We’d have a break and do it again. After the convention, we reorganized so that our practices and games overlap. 

We were able to cut our staff back significantly, it made our day end about two hours earlier, and it’s really helping my bottom line.

We also changed employee scheduling. At first we used email, but our younger employees don’t check their email often enough for that to work. I’d often get last-minute texts from employees saying they couldn’t make it.

Based on the advice we got at the convention, we created shifts. Each week employees have until Thursday to accept their shifts. If they can’t make it after accepting a shift, they’re responsible for finding a replacement.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

The vibe from the convention was great. Those who have been in the business for more than 10 years are still reinvesting and looking to expand. It made me feel confident about where the company is going and how they treat their area developers.

At first, my wife was reluctant to go to the convention. Then she ended up loving it and is excited for 2023. Sitting down and talking to our peers was so helpful to us. 

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To find out more about i9 Sports and our available franchise opportunities, download our free franchise report. If you’re interested in learning more about the i9 Sports 2023 Franchise Convention, watch this space.

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