Stop Traveling for Work and Learn How to Start a Sports League

Stop Traveling for Work and Learn How to Start a Sports League

It’s another Sunday morning and you wake up to kids in pajamas, cartoons on TV and a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. It feels like heaven, but as you sit down at the counter and open up the newspaper, you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Tonight you’ll pack your suitcase and leave home for another week working on the road.

If you’re tired of traveling for work, you might be looking into low-cost home-based franchises. And, you might also be looking for something that’s fun, a career you can enjoy while developing a business and building something great for the community and your family. If this is you, you’ve been looking for the i9 Sports franchise opportunity.i9-sports-blog-december-post

How to Start a Sports League From Your House

When you connect with the i9 Sports low-cost home-based franchise opportunity, we’ll help you learn all about starting a sports league in your community. The experienced i9 Sports leadership team will help you identify an appropriate territory for your leagues, one that is based on the population of kids under age 14 and the density of that population. This helps encourage sustainable enrollment for your programs.

You’ll go through our extensive training program, including a presentation from our CEO, Brian Sanders, on creating a customer-centered culture. You also receive instruction for building your own 12-month strategic business plan, a guide for using our proprietary Franchise Manager system and tips and tools for managing your financials. You’ll even learn how to maintain your custom i9 Sports website, along with everything else you need to know to move forward with your i9 Sports franchise.

Enjoy Your Life With This Low-Cost Home-Based Franchise

Owning your own business gives you flexibility that a traditional job just doesn’t. With the i9 Sports opportunity, you not only cut out work travel, but actually run the business right from your own home. You also have the flexibility to work around your schedule. Make phone calls early in the morning, and answer emails after the kids go to bed.

Since this is a franchise with low startup costs, your i9 Sports leagues can be up and running relatively quickly. Your total initial investment will range from just over $50,000 to just under $77,000. There are three main reasons this is such an affordable franchise:

  1. No real estate purchase is required.
  2. No major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required.
  3. i9 Sports is an established franchise system with a formula that works. We keep our fees low so that our franchise owners can invest in growth.

We’ll teach you how to start a sports league and make a living in youth sports with the i9 Sports franchise opportunity. Contact us today to learn more.

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