i9 Sports® Is Among the Best Sports Franchises to Buy in 2021

i9 Sports® Is Among the Best Sports Franchises to Buy in 2021

Choose an Established, Growing Youth Sports Franchise With a Fast-Growing Customer Base

Three little boys in i9 Sports jerseys, one holding a medal around his neck to admire, are sitting together on a bench.

Our fast-growing youth sports franchise was named among the Best Sports Franchises to buy in 2021 by franchise news platform 1851. We’ve been franchising since 2003, and we’re still going strong as the nation turns back toward the pastime they’ve loved so long: sports. 

Good advice for a franchise buyer in any field, 1851 writes, “would be to make sure you’re passionate about the brand. For the sports lover, that could mean buying a franchise that allows you to train the next generation of athletes in your community. 

“But passion alone isn’t the only reason to buy a sports franchise. Franchisees in this space can tap into the $471 billion sports market and make meaningful connections with major brands and local charities.”

With flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and more, i9 Sports® is a franchise business that provides year-round revenue. Because we offer multiple sports in every season, we’re never at a loss for sports for kids to choose from. We lease fields and indoor venues from local schools, youth sports leagues and parks departments, and we have proven streamlined operations so franchise owners can focus on providing value to families and their communities.

Our Growing Youth Sports Business

i9 Sports® offers many advantages to the entrepreneur:

  • Low overhead
  • No sports experience required
  • Business ownership experience not required
  • It’s a rewarding business
  • Improve your community
  • Help improve the lives of kids through sports.

i9 Sports® has seen player registrations soar since 2019, growing to over 3 million all-time nationwide. People are raring to go again, eager now more than ever to get their kids back outside with other kids, engaged in something as fun and beneficial as youth sports.

Especially the way i9 Sports® teaches kids to play the game. We’re a little different from what people have come to think of as the typical youth sports franchise or league. We don’t travel: i9 Sports® teams play each other. We’re not into the competition-at-all-costs mentality: Winning is just not as important as how you play the game. Every kid gets a chance to play in every game. And we don’t believe in sports specialization for youth: Sports sampling is a much better way to go for developing athletes, whether they’re just there for fun or hope to go pro someday.

And best of all, we prioritize convenience. i9 Sports® arranges all practice and game-play on a single day of the week, making it much easier for busy parents to juggle schedules for the whole family. As a franchise owner, this is a great selling point.

We teach the basics of sports and good sportsmanship through age-appropriate instruction for kids ages 3-14. We provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a scalable business for as little as $24,900. See why i9 Sports® is one of the best franchises to invest in.

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