i9 Sports® Owners Expand to Second Minneapolis Market

i9 Sports® Owners Expand to Second Minneapolis Market

Janson and Amy Kinsley’s growth highlights how strong the Minneapolis market is for i9 Sports.

i9 Sports® has been eager to serve Minneapolis for years, because it has always looked like a great opportunity to serve a tight-knit city with active families. Now, two of our newest franchisees are proving just how strong a market Minneapolis can be.

i9 Sports owners Janson and Amy Kinsley launched their first youth sports leagues in September 2021, serving Champlin, Ramsey, and Elk River, Minnesota. This spring, just a few months later, they added a second territory that will serve North Metro Minneapolis.

The Kinsleys were the first to open an i9 Sports in Minneapolis, and Janson spent a lot of time marketing the business and networking in the community. It was a new challenge for him. “I knew I would need help, but the home office has been absurdly supportive with teaching that skill set and providing the resources to help me learn.”

One success inspires another

The Kinsleys’ success inspired another new franchisee. Mark Hillen saw an article about the Kinsleys and realized they lived nearby. He also noticed the number of young families in his neighborhood and community who were great candidates for a youth sports league.

Both Janson and Mark left high-paying jobs to open their own businesses. Partially, they wanted more control over their schedules. Partially, they wanted a bigger say in the decisions that impact their earning potential. But they were also passionate about being leaders in an organization that is dedicated to teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, and skills to kids in their community. Both Janson and Mark are veterans, and those values shine through.

Teamwork extends beyond the playing fields. As Janson notes, i9 Sports tries to be “absurdly supportive” — and not just the home office. Other franchisees throughout the country form a network of owners who share the same mission and who support each other.

“They have all been super welcoming and helpful with accelerating that learning curve,” Janson says. “The home office gives you a great blueprint to follow and has been great at helping me connect with people who can give good advice.”

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