Put Your Leadership Skills to Use with This Easy Franchise to Start

Put Your Leadership Skills to Use with This Easy Franchise to Start

t-ball game with i9 sports coach

Maybe you’re the person who always volunteers to head up a work committee, or you’re the one your friends rely on to organize your annual family vacation.

You’re a leader. You know it, and everyone around you knows it. Now it’s time to put those skills to good use through an i9 Sports® franchise opportunity.

An easy franchise to start, your i9 Sports business will give you the opportunity to run the show, handling everything from operations and financials to hiring and customer service. You’ll be guiding the development of your own youth sports leagues, and making a career out of it.

As the leader of your own i9 Sports franchise, you’ll manage a group of professionals and volunteers as they engage youth in your community with fun, inclusive sports leagues.

You won’t be doing it alone. The i9 Sports franchise opportunity comes with robust training as well as ongoing support from the i9 Sports home office team and your fellow franchisees, ensuring you have all the help you need when you need it. This support, along with the help of our Customer Service Center who will handle all your customer calls, makes this an easy franchise to start.

As you lead your youth sports league programs, you’ll also be furthering your own career. The i9 Sports franchise opportunity allows you to have a flexible schedule with home-based work, giving you a better work-life balance and the financial freedom that comes with running your own business.

When you join i9 Sports, you become part of a revolution in youth sports, one that throws out the old hyper-competitive model for one that fosters skill development, character building and teamwork. The i9 Sports Experience focuses primarily on a fun, positive culture, and you’ll lead the way in creating an encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere for the kids who play in your leagues, their parents and your staff members.

Now is the time for you to take the bull by the horns and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. You can be at the forefront of transforming the youth sports experience with your i9 Sports franchise opportunity. To learn more, contact us and download your free report, “How to Make a Living in Youth Sports.”

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