Leave the Office for Good and Start an i9 Sports Franchise

Leave the Office for Good and Start an i9 Sports Franchise

It’s 4:55. You’re at work, watching the clock. You know as soon as 5 p.m. hits, you need to dash out your office door to make it to your child’s soccer game.SoccerGirl620

While you’re driving there, you check the address again—the game location changes from week to week. You finally pull up to see the same disorganized scene as always. The game has already started and that one angry dad is at it again, yelling at players and coaches alike.

You could do this better, if only you could get out of your office and make a go of it yourself. If you’re a parent who knows your area needs new youth sports league opportunities, then you’re ready for the i9 Sports® Experience. By launching your own youth sports franchise with our innovative athletics programs, you can offer your community a positive, convenient alternative while living the independent professional life you want.

Combine your education and the business skills you’ve gained with your passion for community improvement and your desire to strike out on your own with an i9 Sports youth sports franchise. The i9 Sports Experience ties in with the skills you already possess, and the changes you’d like to see happen with how to start a sports league:

  1. Complete Organization & Communication

Your professional life prepped you perfectly for this. We know how much you value a well-run program that informs all the participants regularly. Our youth sports franchise model values professional management of all programs — there’s always someone in charge and available — and proactive communication so parents and coaches always know when and where they need to be.

  1. Convenience

You’ve been through years of running to practices and games on different days at various locations. The i9 Sports Experience features team practices that happen on the same day and in the same place as the games. We also offer easy registration online or by phone through our Customer Service Center and easy access to league information through our mobile website. Also, did we mention there are no mandatory fundraisers or concession stand duties?

  1. A Safe, Supportive Environment

You’ve had just about enough of that angry parent yelling in your ear on the sidelines. With our youth sports franchise, the kids, players, coaches and families benefit from the i9 Sports Parental Pledge, which prohibits sideline negativity. Plus, our certified coaches are screened with criminal background checks and we have trained officials at every game.

  1. Instruction in Skills & Good Sportsmanship

With the i9 Sports business opportunity, you’ve found a program that puts fundamentals and teamwork above winning. We still keep score, but the emphasis is squarely on fair play and sportsmanship. Our youth sports franchise program also provides good quality, age-appropriate instruction in game fundamentals. Now, that’s more like it.

  1. Focus on Fun  

Nothing’s worse than seeing a child disappointed, sitting on the sidelines because he’s “not good enough” to get any playing time. It’s just not fair. As an owner of an i9 Sports franchise for kids, you’ll provide your young athletes equal playing time regardless of their talent level. With no tryouts or drafts, everyone gets to learn the sport and have fun too.

Read more about a day in the life of an i9 Sports youth sports franchisee.

If the i9 Sports business opportunity sounds like it fulfills your need for a new career that lets you leave your office for good, spend more time with your family and help your community in the process, contact us today. Find out how you can get the ball rolling!

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