New year, new career?

That sports career you’ve always dreamed of could be the i9 Sports franchise opportunity.

A little boy in an i9 Sports jersey runs down a baseline toward the camera and smiling. In the background, other little boys in i9 Sports uniforms are gathered next to a kneeling coach.

After a year like 2020, there’s one thing we can predict with absolute certainty for 2021: change. A change of scenery, perhaps. A change in our priorities. A change, for some people, in careers.

As change swirled around us in 2020, it became clearer that there’s no time like the present to appreciate the life you have or start working toward the life you’ve always wanted. The i9 Sports franchise opportunity is perfect for anyone who has a passion for sports and kids, and no prior industry experience is required.

“I grew up doing sports my entire life, so I just wanted to continue doing that,” says Tyler Himmelman, who opened an i9 Sports territory in 2019 in Colorado after leaving a career in children’s services. 

“I had side jobs where I was working in daycare and schools as a teacher’s assistant,” he says. “And it became more and more noticeable to me that everybody was getting on their tablets and children weren’t as interested in sports. 

“I really wanted to change that because when I was growing up, all I was doing was playing with my brother outside. And I wanted to see if I could influence the children in our community to do the same.”

We set the bar for youth sports

Our low-cost, home-based franchise is a year-round business that sets the bar for youth sports. Most youth sports programs today are very disorganized and highly political. Well-run programs like ours stand out and gain a quick following. Our mission is to help kids succeed in life through sports, and we do that by instilling in them each week one of our 9 sportsmanship values:

  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Inclusivity
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Determination

Your childhood sports experience, improved

At i9 Sports, we strive to be the youth sports organization that corrects some of the things that might have been missing in your own early sports days.

We offer soccer, flag football, t-ball, basketball, ZIP Lacrosse™, and volleyball. With seasons of play year round, children get a chance to sample sports rather than specializing, which many experts believe is the best way to approach physical activity.

We provide developmentally appropriate instruction for boys and girls ages 3-14 so that they can learn the sport correctly, and we focus on providing a positive environment that will encourage lifelong participation in activity. Kids play sports for fun. i9 Sports fosters a spirit of healthy competition so they’ll keep coming back. And nobody is benched: Every child has the chance to play in every game.

Business systems to help you succeed

We’ve put in place a time-tested business model that helps people succeed. We’ll provide you with a business coach. We show you how to recruit volunteer coaches from your community and how to hire dedicated employees to help you efficiently run your franchise. We’ll help you identify sports venues and show you how to build out your customer base.

One of our biggest value propositions for our 2 million+ customers is convenience. We make it easy for families to do business with us. That means easy registration online or by phone, no fundraisers, easily accessible staff, no tryouts or drafts and best of all, our one-day commitment: Practice and games are all held on the same day every week.

i9 Sports provides you with a Customer Service Center to help you manage customer relationships and sales, freeing you up to build your business by being out in the community. Best of all, our startup costs are very affordable, ranging from $36,500 to $69,900, and our five-year purchase plan can help qualified candidates who might be under-capitalized.

Ready for your next career?

If you’re ready to pursue your passion and see what’s next, we’d love to hear from you. To find out more about the franchise opportunity with i9 Sports, fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise report.

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