How Partnerships Strengthen Business for i9 Sports® Franchise Owners

How Partnerships Strengthen Business for i9 Sports® Franchise Owners

One of the best things about owning a franchise business is that you are surrounded by other business leaders who share your mission and are eager to help you grow. i9 Sports® is the largest youth sports franchise in the nation — and part of our success comes from partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to youth sports.

Two recent examples illustrate this perfectly:

A Corporate Partnership That Strengthens Our Offerings

On July 15, 2021, USA Football announced a new partnership with i9 Sports®. With this partnership, USA Football and i9 Sports® will partner to promote i9’s youth flag football offerings for multiple age groups and experience levels. That will further boost i9 Sports® profile and should help franchisees register more players. But it’s only one part of the benefit. 

USA Football also trains and certifies coaches in its Football Development Model — an approach to youth football that provides age-appropriate instruction and helps children expand their skills while still giving everyone plenty of time to play and have fun. Their approach dovetails perfectly with i9 Sport’s® approach to youth sports. With this development, franchise owners can promote this exciting change on their websites, social media, and other media forms to garner awareness and more signups!

A picture of Eric Stephens smiling with an i9 Sports jersey
Eric Stephens, who recently opened i9 Sports® of Frederick County, MD, is pictured at his local DICK’S Sporting Goods

Local Businesses Succeeding Together 

Local partnerships are another way franchisees boost their businesses. We work with franchisees to help guide their marketing efforts and provide support. Eric and Nieshia Stephens, who recently opened i9 Sports® of Frederick County, MD, are a great example. 

They formed a community partnership with the local Frederick DICK’s Sporting Goods to cross-promote both brands. With this partnership, i9 Sports® held an in-person registration event at the DICK’s Sporting Goods store. Attendees received $20 off their registration fees. Members who signed up were rewarded with coupons via email as well as DICK’s Sporting Goods merchandise. 

It’s a win-win that saves families money, helps i9 Sports® get in front of potential customers, and encourages families to stock up on equipment at our retail partner.

When new franchisees join i9 Sports®, we help them examine local marketing and partnership opportunities just like this one so that new owners hit the ground running with a game plan for success.

Start Your Own Youth Sports Franchise

It’s a great time to start a youth sports franchise. Our business model is built to be easy to scale up to meet demand — and demand is surging as families embrace the opportunity to once again let their kids socialize and play. Want to learn more about franchise opportunities with i9 Sports®? Download our free franchise report to learn more. 

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