Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off

“I Want to Do This!”

When Bruce and Sharon Trahey originally had the thought of buying an i9 Sports franchise the stars weren’t quite aligned for them, not yet anyways. Being in a booming market, all territories in the Dallas/Fort Worth area were currently sold so their dream would have to wait, but not for long.

Fast forward a year later. The owner of the West, Southwest Fort Worth territory had decided to pursue another opportunity and was selling his franchise. This happened to be their market, the area they knew very well and the area they had originally inquired about. Finally, the opportunity presented itself! Bruce and Sharon jumped in right away and began their own Discovery Process.

Within the Discovery Process, they had in-depth conversations with the Franchise owner and with Danielle O’Neil in the Franchise Development department. During these conversations they further explored the i9 Sports business model, the proprietary technology, the acclaimed training and support systems and met with the i9 Sports home office. They also spent an extensive amount of time with the then-current franchise owner learning the specifics of his business.

Given her extensive background in Corporate Sales, Sharon was confident in her ability to market the business and to secure venue locations. Knowing the importance of having a defined marketing plan Sharon was most impressed with the i9 Sports Marketing Game Plan, stating “You’ve taken the guesswork out of it; we know exactly where to go and who we’re marketing to.”
The discussions with the franchise owner and the i9 Sports home office staff just added fuel to their fire and Bruce and Sharon were ready to go all in! Shortly after discussions began, they came to agreement terms with the franchise owner and were enrolled in the next i9 Sports University.

Now that they’ve executed their Franchise Agreement and are sitting in the Phase 1 training it all becomes real. This dream they’ve been chasing for almost a year has come to fruition. The hard work, the persistence, it all pays off!

I took a moment to chat with Sharon during training this week and asked her why she chose this business, why i9 Sports, she emphatically stated “I got so excited when I went to a venue and saw all the kids and the smiles on their faces, how excited they were, that’s when I told my husband – I want to do this!”


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