Why i9 Sports’ Business Model is Economically Resilient

Why i9 Sports’ Business Model is Economically Resilient

Youth Sports are Always in Demand. So Are Low-Cost Business Models.

Lately there’s a lot of chatter about supply chain issues, COVID outbreaks, a possible recession, and rising inflation. For anyone thinking about starting a business, hearing this kind of talk can be intimidating.

However, i9 Sports® has a great model and resists the factors that can hurt businesses when the economy is uncertain. No business is immune from what’s going on in the marketplace, but i9 Sports has advantages that set us apart.

Our advantages

While many franchises have high startup costs which can be a barrier to business ownership,  our costs are low. Our initial investment and franchise startup costs begin ​at only $36,500.

Part of the reason i9 Sports can keep startup costs low is because there’s no need to buy real estate or to own expensive facilities. As an i9 Sports® franchisee, we’ll teach you how to secure playing fields and facilities that already exist in your community and lease them only for the time you need them.

Our model offers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness by allowing you to go where your best customers are, secure locations that fit the growing size of your leagues as you ramp up, limit overhead costs when you are not in season, and operate at multiple locations.

Volunteers and part-timers

Labor costs are also low because our leagues generally have a large pool of volunteers. Many parents whose children play with i9 Sports volunteer as coaches or in other capacities. As your leagues become larger, you’ll have a larger pool from which to recruit volunteers.

You will need some staff, but most positions will be for part-time employees. With our same-day practice and play model, some employees are only needed on game day. While other employees will work more than once a week, most can do their jobs on a part-time basis.

Another advantage that i9 Sports has to offer is with cash flow: You’re paid upfront when families register. Then you can hire the people you need, comfortable in the knowledge that payroll is secure from the get-go.

Learn more

If you’re interested in starting a youth sports league, we’d like to talk with you. i9 Sports is the nation’s first youth sports league franchise. Owners offer flag football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball to children between the ages of 3 and 14.

We provide technology, marketing support and business coaches to help you manage and grow your business. To learn more about the opportunities with i9 Sports, fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise report.

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