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Stop Complicating Things

Why Do We Over-complicate Things? We've heard this time and again – everything has a purpose and everything happens for a reason. Whether you’re making a life altering decision, such as buying a youth sports franchise, or something less meaningful like which creamer you should put in your coffee (although some would argue creamer can be life altering). Every decision must be weighed, carefully considered and thoroughly researched. While I fully believe this and have witnessed it in my own life, I also believe that as a society we tend to over-complicate things. There is Read More →

New Franchisee, Neil Hatchard

St. Louis hits it out of the park with i9 Sports

The city of St. Louis is no stranger to successful sports programs – the Cardinals, the Rams and now i9 Sports!  New franchisee, Neil Hatchard, is thrilled to bring the i9 Sports experience to his hometown. As a St. Louis native, Neil is no stranger to the youth sports culture and its importance to families in STL.  Neil recalls his days as a young athlete and how this time impacted him as a child and into his collegiate sports. As an adult, Neil has seen how different the youth sports experience has become. Instead of the fun leagues he participated in as a child; Read More →

Show Me the Money

show me the money

Financing Your Franchise Business We've all seen the news, heard the radio ads, and have been bombarded by the online ads – “credit is back”! We've heard that lenders are lending again, purse straps are starting to loosen and our economy Read More →