St. Louis hits it out of the park with i9 Sports

St. Louis hits it out of the park with i9 Sports
New Franchisee, Neil Hatchard
New Franchisee, Neil Hatchard with President Brian Sanders

The city of St. Louis is no stranger to successful sports programs – the Cardinals, the Rams and now i9 Sports!  New franchisee, Neil Hatchard, is thrilled to bring the i9 Sports experience to his hometown.

As a St. Louis native, Neil is no stranger to the youth sports culture and its importance to families in STL.  Neil recalls his days as a young athlete and how this time impacted him as a child and into his collegiate sports. As an adult, Neil has seen how different the youth sports experience has become. Instead of the fun leagues he participated in as a child; hyper-competitive, political leagues are replacing the joy of playing ball with your friends.  The desire to put back the FUN in youth sports is what drove Neil to explore the i9 Sports franchise opportunity. He saw the need within his community and decided to follow his passion.

Neil’s drive and desire to do what is right by his customer is evident in everything he does. These traits coupled with his management and marketing background will certainly prove him well in his new role. We asked him what excited him most in relation to starting his new venture, he promptly replied, “I’m most excited about everything! The opportunity to know that the effort I put into my business directly results in the success of my business is exciting. I am really looking forward to my first game day and to see all the kids and parents having fun”. Neil can’t wait to make a difference in the community by helping kids succeed in life through sports!

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