Stop Complicating Things

Stop Complicating Things

Why Do We Over-complicate Things?

We’ve heard this time and again – everything has a purpose and everything happens for a reason. Whether you’re making a life altering decision, such as buying a youth sports franchise, or something less meaningful like which creamer you should put in your coffee (although some would argue creamer can be life altering). Every decision must be weighed, carefully considered and thoroughly researched.

While I fully believe this and have witnessed it in my own life, I also believe that as a society we tend to over-complicate things. There is such an abundance of information that can be delivered right to our phones in mere seconds. What used to be a simple decision now takes on the life form of a thesis written by a doctorate candidate. Yes, research is good. Yes, thorough consideration is good. But, sometimes it really is just about how we feel and what moves us. Sometimes, you need to get out of your head and experience life.

Remember what it’s all about:

          what its all about 2

So, the next time you find yourself over-thinking something, try to find the simplicity of it all and smile! 


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