5 Reasons to Buy an i9 Sports® Franchise

5 Reasons to Buy an i9 Sports® Franchise

The Reasons to Invest in a Franchise Are as Individual as the Franchise Buyers, but i9 Sports® Wants You to Know About These 5 Value Propositions


A couple and their 3 children pose in front of a net and sports equipment.
i9 Sports® franchise owners Dustin and Erikka Ault and their family

Warmer weather makes everyone want to make a positive change, and what better change could you make in your life than buying a business you could call your own? If you’re passionate about working with kids and have an entrepreneurial mindset, you could be a good fit for i9 Sports®, the nation’s first and largest youth sports franchise.

But is i9 Sports® a good fit for you? Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying an i9 Sports® franchise:

1. Sustainable demand. i9 Sports® provides sports opportunities for kids ages 3-14, which is when most kids generally play recreational sports. With budget cuts in local parks and recreation departments and constant changes right now in public schools, many are looking to outsource the operation of their sports programs. This provides a huge opportunity for private operators like i9 Sports®. 

The lifetime value of each youth sports participant in i9 Sports® is 12 years. As the average U.S. household with children has two kids, the household lifetime value is 24 years multiplied by the number of sports played. That’s huge potential.

2. Low startup and overhead costs. Did you know you can start an i9 Sports® franchise for as little as $36,500? And you can spread out the franchise fee of $24,900 over a five-year period? In addition, there is no real estate to buy or rent, no upfront inventory and very low ongoing operational costs. You’ll work from home. And, you can also essentially get a multi-unit franchise at a single-unit price by operating multiple venues within a protected territory. 

3. Better experience for kids and parents. Over 70% of kids drop out of youth sports by age 13 because it has become a negative experience or is no longer fun, according to the National Alliance for Youth Sports. i9 Sports® is all about changing that. How many youth sports leagues ask parents to sign a pledge for good sportsmanship? i9 Sports® is inclusive. Every child plays and they rotate through all the positions on the field or court. 

We are focused on age-appropriate sports instruction, good sportsmanship and most of all, fun. We teach kids how to play, how to be good teammates and how to compete in a healthy way, avoiding the pressure-cooker nightmare that makes them drop out. 

4. Convenience. i9 Sports® offers something very unique in the youth sports business: We hold all games and practices on the same day. That’s convenience for parents and kids, who don’t have to juggle their already busy schedules with sports practice and game day for more than one child. And it’s a convenience for franchise owners, too, because it frees up your time during the week to work on growing your business. Our business is year-round, which helps keep kids involved and interested in sports, enhances revenue opportunities and encourages sports sampling, which has been shown to be great for childhood development and athletic performance. 

5. Multiple sports. With six main sports offerings — baseball, basketball, flag football, soccer, ZIP Lacrosse™ and volleyball — kids can sample as many sports as they like. Single-sport specialization at an early age puts a lot of pressure on kids and has been shown to lead to emotional burnout, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Since 2003, i9 Sports® has strived to improve the lives of kids through sports. We believe learning how to win and lose with equal dignity is an important part of growing up. We keep score where it is age-appropriate but never let the score become more important than having fun. 

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