Why Youth Sports Leagues are Always in Demand

Why Youth Sports Leagues are Always in Demand

i9 Sports is your ticket to an always-in-demand, fulfilling career

Youth sports are a huge industry, with revenues expected to reach $77.6 billion a year by 2026, and youth sports leagues are always in demand. As we know at i9 Sports®, the appeal of youth sports remains constant, regardless of what’s trending or current events.

i9 Sports has considerable advantages for business owners, including: 

  1. Steady demand. 
  2. Multiple sports to play.
  3. A great customer experience.
  4. Convenience.

Steady demand

One reason why i9 Sports® is always in demand is that we offer sports for children ages 3 to 14, so interest in participating is continuous. 

Plus, 3 to 14 are the ages when kids are most likely to participate in sports. Many kids play in our leagues for years, and they often recruit their brothers, sisters, and friends to play with them. Those two factors offer huge revenue potential.

Multiple sports

i9 Sports offers structured leagues for today’s most popular sports: flag football, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and lacrosse. With so many sports on offer, the season never needs to end. Kids can switch from baseball to soccer to flag football to basketball, with tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse as other options. 

Kids and families can choose different sports without having to change to different programs. Because of this, i9 Sports owners build market share and a loyal following. A child who begins by playing for a single season can become a source of recurring revenue.

Another benefit of our multiple-sport model is that it discourages single-sport specialization, which experts in sports medicine agree is harmful for kids. It can — and often does — lead to injuries and burnout.

A great customer experience

Many parents are looking for a youth sports league that is convenient, teaches sportsmanship, and is fun for kids. That is where i9 Sports comes in.

Most kids drop out of youth sports by age 13 because it’s no longer fun. Here at i9 Sports, we focus on age-appropriate sports instruction and fun. We teach kids how to play, how to be good teammates, and how to compete in a healthy way, avoiding the negative experiences that make kids want to drop out. 

Youth sports leagues are often disorganized, with poor communication internally as well as with parents. Games may be canceled at the last minute, leaders may fail to spread important information, and coaching can be inconsistent. 

i9 Sports operates differently. We have systems and procedures in place that will help you avoid these pitfalls.


Youth sports leagues are available in most communities, but many don’t make it easy for busy families to participate. There are multiple practices and games during the week and sometimes weekend travel, too. 

At i9 Sports, we hold all games and practices on the same day, making it convenient for families with busy schedules. There are no drafts or tryouts, and every child plays. We make it easy for kids to participate in athletics and remove obstacles to participation for busy families.

It’s convenient for i9 Sports owners, too, because it frees up your time during the week to work on growing your business. 

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